Wrap Bracelets Are The Latest Trend and THIS One Tops Them All! #VictoriaEmerson

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Victoria Emerson bracelet wrap bracelet

Wrap bracelets are the in thing right now. Actually, they have been for the past few years because they follow right along with the bohemian trend. If it’s not something that you own or that you’re into then maybe this one will change your mind. Before I tell you why this bracelet is my favorite in this trend, I want to tell you why you can trust my judgment. It’s simple, really. I own about 6 of these beaded wrap bracelets. I have a few different colors with different beads and materials. I love them. They are really cute. Actually, I thought that I had the best of the best until Victoria Emerson came along and created something that I put the others to shame. This is why. 

Victoria Emerson Wrap BRacelet

The Victoria Emerson beaded wrap bracelet is just so… elegant. The other wrap bracelets are casual and cute. They are bracelets that I only wear with casual outfits, like jeans and a t-shirt. This bracelet is different. I can’t necessarily pinpoint what’s so different about her bracelets. I think it’s a combination of the quality materials – leather, crystals, stones, and a nickel-free clasp. Yes, any artist could use these materials to make a bracelet, but it’s the exquisite attention to details that really sets these 100% handmade bracelets apart from all others.

Victoria Emerson bracelet beaded wrap bracelet

I recommend these wrap bracelets for any occasion. There is a nice variety of colors and styles to choose from. One of these bracelets would make a great friendship gift, romantic gift, or a nice gift for yourself just because

Victoria Emerson beaded bracelets

The bracelet pictured is the Sunrise Crystals on Gray. It’s truly a lovely bracelet with colors that will make you appreciate it as much as you do a sunrise. 

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