Who Do You Think You Are? #BehindTheBlogger

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Who do you think you are- #BehindTheBlogger

The writing prompt for the #BehindTheBlogger hop this week is “Who do you think you are?” This has been a difficult one for me. I wanted to take this prompt with a confrontational tone, but it’s not where my heart is at right now. I thought I would do something a little different and eye-opening. I am going to write about how I see myself. I am emotional tonight, so let’s see how this goes. It’s going to be interesting because I know we all have a little bit of self-esteem issues, especially as women. 

Who do you think you are? Well who do you think I am? We all make judgements based on our first impressions, the way we talk, walk, speak, and present ourselves. It’s okay to make these judgements as long as you allow the person to change your mind or to prove you wrong. I think that we are all our worst critic. I judge myself more harshly than anyone else does. 

Who Do You Think You Are-

Who Do You Think You Are? 

  • Strong – Sometimes I feel like I can handle anything. I think about what I’ve been through and I’m like “Damn, I don’t know how I had the strength to do that alone.” 
  • Weak – I cannot let people go. I have always had an issue with kicking people out of my life. I don’t like thinking of someone never being apart of my life again. Even when they’ve done me wrong, I can’t seem to let them go. I hate feeling that weak. 
  • Restless – I can’t sleep. My mind doesn’t allow such silly things. The end. 
  • Lazy – Seriously, I push myself to do work every day. My blog or my home gets neglected. I can’t motivate myself to do both most days. I literally whine when I have to do chores. I’m a teenager trapped in a woman’s body.
  • Emotional – Yeah, I remember the days when I could cut someone off or put someone in their place without batting my pretty little eyes. Now, I rethink it. I question it. I feel guilty even when I shouldn’t. The thought of hurting someone’s feelings, even if they have hurt mine, just makes me feel BAD. It’s just not who I am anymore and I kinda hate it.
  • Passionate – I am passionate about writing. Sometimes I don’t feel it or show it, but at the end of the night when I am laying in bed (being restless) all I can think about it writing. Not just writing reviews, but writing posts like this. It’s always been my outlet and it’s where a lot of my passion lies. I am also passionate about music. There’s something about music that gets my blood boiling and my heart racing. It’s always going to have my heart. Finally, I am passionate about love. I am in love with being in love. I always have been. The butterflies are addicting. 
  • Bitchy – Yeah, I know I’m bitchy. There are times when I just want to ignore people, especially on Facebook. I am short with people. I don’t understand why people do and say stupid things and it annoys me. I am bitchy about people who complain all the time, yet here I am complaining. 
  • Empathetic – You cry, I cry. You’re in pain? I can feel it. Empathy is something that cannot be explained to someone that isn’t empathetic. I’ve always been an empath. I can’t look at a homeless man without holding back tears. I cannot walk past an animal without thinking about how much better it would be with me. 
  • A Lover – Like I said, I love to love. I can be very lovable. I want to give and receive compliments all the time. I love to see people happy.
  • A Fighter – Maybe it’s been instilled in me because of my traumatizing childhood, but I always fight for something that I believe in. My voice MUST be heard. I cannot just sit back and keep my mouth shut if I am passionate. I will fight for those that I love and I will fight for what I believe in. 
  • Unappreciative – There are times when I look at my life and I think, WHY am I complaining? I have SO much to be thankful for, yet I feel like I want more. Sometimes I am so grateful that I could cry and other times I find a reason to be unappreciative. I’m just a big mess. 
  • A Beautiful Disaster – I am just one big mess, as you can tell if you read my posts. I am almost 27 years old and I am still confused and still growing as a woman. I know there’s so much soul and beauty inside of me, but I am rough around the edges. I have wicked thoughts, a sick sense of humor, and a bad temper (but not a short one). I have a good heart, a creative streak, and a fire inside of me that will never diminish. 

I am an equal rights advocate. I am an animal lover. I am a tattoo lover and a hopeless romantic. I am a Scorpio.I curse like a sailor and I really don’t give a … hehehe. This is me. Love me or leave me!

Great Picture of Me

So now that you know how I view myself, tell em about YOU!

Who do you think you are?

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  1. Wow girl. This is great. I loved reading it. I feel like maybe I even learned a little bit more about you. You are dead on with some things though – but don’t worry, I can be bitchy too. 😉

  2. Um, first, you are beautiful! You have such a sweet smile! And second, I love the way you approached this post, and that it was so different from my approach! Picking out several adjectives and describing how they apply to you was smart, and succinct.

    Thanks for running this hop, by the way, I am LOVING it!

    1. Jessi, thank you for your sweet words. I love that everyone approaches these prompts differently because it shows that we all have a different way of thinking. I am so glad that you’re enjoying the hop and I hope to see you in future ones!

  3. It is so true that we judge ourselves more harshly than others do. Glad to know I’m not the only sailor out there! 🙂 Thanks for sharing such a person and well thought out post.

  4. I LOVED reading this post. All I have to say is that I think you are beautiful and awesome and a sweetheart. Thanks for letting us learn more about the real you.

  5. Joyce as always I absolutely fell in love with this post, so many things you mentioned I feel the same about who I am. It’s like you were writing about me! 🙂 And yea, I definitely curse like a sailor! 😀

  6. Joyce I knew we had to have a lot in common! I can’t even watch those sad commercials about pets, or elders, I have to mute it or turn the channel! It’s not easy being an emapth. I have to do grounding meditations several times a day but that comes with my other job outside of blogging.
    Oh and don’t get me started on complainers! LOL I don’t mean the average every day complaining but we all know those few on facebook who THRIVE on being a victim! Uggg lol
    Great selfie by the way! Love it!
    You are indeed a true Scorpio! <3

    1. My grandma and I do the same thing! We turn the channel or mute it because it really just breaks our heart. Just thinking of it makes me tear up right now haha. & YES!! Complainers…. my goodness they make me crazy!! Every now and then, I understand because we are human, but all the time just drives me crazy!! If you hate life so much – CHANGE IT! I have a bad habit of letting complainers bring me down, so I try to avoid them. lol.

      Thanks so much for your kinds words and thank you for taking the time to read my post.

  7. I don’t feel you have to worry about being slow to let people go. Sometimes people do change and it is nice to have the opening when they do. But sometimes you do have to keep your distance even if just for a while. I have a few people I use o be close to that I just cannot interact with because they are currently toxic. I hope they get help and “grow” out of it. Sometimes people do. It is tough though.

  8. So much awesome in this post! I swear you could be my twin, every single time a new post comes up, I might as well be reading my own story! I love that you recognize in yourself, what most people will say doesn’t apply to them. You take on being bitchy, or lazy, or emotional, or any of your other traits, and you say “yeah, thats me, take it or leave it” You rock for that! Keep doing you, because you are awesome!

    1. Aww you’re the best. Yeah, I have come to grips with who I am and I warn people up front so they already know what they are getting themselves into, lol. I like KNOWING who I am and not pretending that I am perfect like some people do or living in denial. If I am not in touch with who I am then I can never grow as a person.

  9. I love this. I love how many of the adjectives that you use to describe yourself contradict one another. We are certainly confusing creatures if nothing else

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