What’s In My Music Festival Tote Bag? Open to Find Out!

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What's Inside My Music Festival Tote Bag

Hey folks! Music Festival season is in full swing right now! I recently attended a local music festival and it was INCREDIBLE! I have attended music festivals before, so I have a pretty good idea of what to bring. Some people carry fanny packs, some carry backpacks, and others carry tote bags. Since this festival was only a day long, I wouldn’t mind carrying a tote bag. It’s perfect for your blanket, extra shoes, snacks, sunscreen, and other music festival must haves! I spotted the coolest tote bag for music festivals on Look Human! I just could not pass up the style. I mean, “Punk Rock’topus“, how could you turn down something so quirky? I definitely couldn’t. I just KNEW this would be the perfect bag for a Rock festival! 

Punk Rock'Topus Tote Bag from Look Human

This bag is very well made. It’s great quality with a design that doesn’t fade. It’s quite large, making it perfect for all of your must-haves and for the extra goodies that you pick up at the festival (shirts, cups, etc). Look Human has so many different designs and items that your head will spin trying to pick out the perfect one for you! I could shop all day on this website. I have a wish list a mile long. Okay, back to my bag! 

Whats Inside

So what’s in my music festival tote bag? Well, here are a few items that I ALWAYS bring to music festivals with me. 

1. Sevenly Blanket – Must have a thin and comfortable blanket! 
2. Dubs Acoustic Filters – Protect your ears while you are rockin out!
3. Purell Sanitizer – Thousands of people, means thousands of germs! Keep it clean!
4. Oxygen Plus – For a breath of fresh air and a little boost!
5. Sunglasses – Gotta protect your peepers! Pick out your cutest pair!
6. Go Pro Camera – Gotta record the fun!
7. Hoorags – For style, a rockstar look, and to protect yourself from dirt, smoke, and germs!
8. G.M Collin Sunscreen – MUST apply multiple times a day!
9. CVS Migraine Relief – You never know when one will hit! Don’t let a migraine ruin your fun!
10. Lifeguard Mini Backup Battery – Share your fun on social media by keeping your phone charged- on the go!
11. Dove Spray Deodorant – Must stay refreshed! Spray deodorant doesn’t melt! 

Whats in my Bag Key

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Well, there you have it folks. Anything else that you would bring to a music festival? What do you keep in your music festival bag?

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  1. Hahaha. I love the bag — it’s so clever! How’s the Dove deodorant working? I’ve tried a men’s version that was a different brand and was thinking of going to a female version. Just not sure how they work and they’re quite expensive. The LifeGuard Portable charger is great! I have one and love mine.

    I’m not sure what I’d put in my “music festival tote bag”, as I don’t really go to festival types of things. However, I do always carry a portable charger of some sort, wipes, phone/ipod, some sort of sunscreen and a few other things, wherever I go.

  2. This is the first year since I’ve been with my husband that we get to attend all the concerts we have been missing out on! (Dang Army and it’s obligations!) We just saw Breaking Benjamin and are getting ready to go to SlipKnot. Now … we are those crazy parents that take our daughter with us lol. She LOVES Rock and Metal music. So this bag would be perfect to carry her stuff, like her headphones, snacks etc. Not to mention, that bag is just badass looking!

  3. That bag looks really nice. it’s funny, your concert bag contains a lot of the things in mine. although I always carry a water bottle too! How do you like the Sevely Blanket? I’ve been looking for a nice one to carry to outdoor events.

  4. I love this post! What a great list of must have items. I agree with you on them. Man, nothing worse than a headache or migraine while you are trying to enjoy a good concert! I love thos esunglasses and that top too! Great list, I always love when you do these! 🙂

  5. That is quite a collection. The only thing I didn’t see was the kitchen sink. Great job you will have everything, don’t forget a form of cash or card.

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