6 tips to prepare for Universal’s new King Kong ride – Skull Island: Reign of Kong #UniversalMoments

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We finally got the chance to ride Universal’s Skull Island: Reign of Kong! We are annual passholders, but it’s been quite a busy summer since the new Universal King Kong ride has opened. We’ve visited quite a few times since they started building Kong and we were just so in awe of how realistic it looked. When you’re walking through Islands of Adventure you will see the mountains from Skull Island from far away. We were so excited the first time we saw them. We would try to peek over the wall every chance that we got. Then it finally opened!

Thinking about visiting Universal's new King Kong ride? Consider these tips before going!

We decided to take a trip to Universal’s Islands of Adventure for two specific reasons: to catch Pokémon and to ride the new King Kong ride. With that said, we didn’t care about the wait. We said that we’d wait 3 hours if we had to. That’s one of the many perks of being a Universal annual passholder – we can go for a few hours and do whatever we want without feeling like we are wasting time. So, without giving away a ton of spoilers, I want to tell you 6 things about Universal’s new King Kong ride – Skull Island: Reign of Kong

1. The line is very long, but not that bad

The line will be longer than it looks. It begins outdoors and finishes inside. There will be a few points where you think, “Okay, we are almost there!” Then you turn a corner and you aren’t. It really is not that bad though! As long as there aren’t any malfunctions, the line moves very quickly. It’s almost a non-stop movement because there are about 30 people per ride (no, I will not elaborate on that). So, just know that you aren’t almost there until you actually see the ride.  

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