Welcome Bad Weather with KEEN Footwear

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Welcome Bad Weather with KEEN Footwear - Elsa Boots

I don’t want to be the girl that welcomes bad weather. I don’t want to be the one that’s excited when it rains or happy when it’s freezing outside. Call me a little crazy, but that’s how KEEN Footwear makes me feel. With KEEN Footwear, I dare it to rain. I want a reason to slip these bad boys on and show them off! Let me set the scene so you will understand my feelings. I live in Florida. Most of the country views Florida as bright and sunny all the time. Well, that’s not necessarily the case. Half of the year it is either raining or threatening to rain. I guess it’s safe to say, “It’s not all sunshine and butterflies”. If you’ve ever been caught in the rain with a pair of slippery sandals, you know the struggle. If you’ve ever had to walk around with soggy sneakers or boots, you know the struggle. With the Elsa Boots from Keen Footwear, you don’t have to struggle. You can walk through puddles with confidence! 

Welcome Bad Weather with KEEN Footwear - Elsa Boots

See, the KEEN Elsa Boots are water resistant and warm. Yes… these beautiful and stylish boots are water resistant! The fleece collar is quite comfy and the underfoot insulation keeps your feet safe from the cold. The rubber outsole keeps you from slipping and sliding on those wet sidewalks. The foam footbed makes for a very cushioned and relaxed step. I like that these are laced boots, so I can control the fit of them. Sometimes I like my boots tight and other times I like them loose. They seem to be nice to walk in and I haven’t experienced any sore feet with them. 

Welcome Bad Weather with KEEN Footwear - Elsa Boots (1)

Because of the incredible features of the Elsa, it’s almost unbelievable that they are so fashionable! These don’t look like a big ole’ pair of rain boots either. They aren’t bulky or masculine. They are stylish and feminine. The Elsa boots come in six different designs. The design that I chose was the Dress Blue. This design made me think of Fall and Winter right when I seen it. It has an Aztec feel to it, which is totally on trend right now. The colors are just beautiful and make styling so much easier. You can combine a number of colors with these boots. I would wear these with a nice pair of jeans or even some fleece leggings. 

Welcome Bad Weather with KEEN Footwear - Elsa Boots (3)

I really love the Elsa Boots. I will be brining these to NYC with me when I visit in November. They will be perfect for all that walking and to keep my nice and warm! Also, I have to look stylish in all of those vacation photos. I seriously recommend these for all of your cool weather adventures or even as a gift for the lovely ladies in your life. I sure would love to wake up to a pair of these under the tree on Christmas morning! hehe. 

Welcome Bad Weather with KEEN Footwear - Elsa Boots (2)

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