We Are WOMEN… Not Objects #WomenNotObjects

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I’ve never considered myself a feminist. I believe in fair, respectable, and equal rights for everyone – men and women of every race and religion. As much as I hate to believe it, women are objectified every single day. I’ve been there before. I deal with it on a regular basis. The cat calls, the sexual comments, the comments. I’ve been used for my body. I’ve been looked at and talked to like I am a robot with a beautiful body, but no heart or brain. Since I have dealt with this my entire life, I just pass it off as normal. The sad thing is that I never noticed how much our society uses women as objects to sell and promote their brands. We are women, not objects that you use to sell your products. 


We Are Women Not Objects #WomenNotObjectsWomen shouldn’t be used to make money. Women shouldn’t be used as a bargaining tool. We should be treated as humans, not as objects. It’s time that we stand up for ourselves. Is a dollar worth your dignity? Is it worth losing love and respect for yourself? We shouldn’t allow these brands and advertisements to convince us that it’s okay to look at a woman, mother, wife in this manner. 

Watch the video below to see the latest advertisements that display a disgusting amount of women objectification. Keep in mind that these are from huge companies that we all know and love. This is something that needs to be discussed. 

After watching the video, what are your thoughts? Do you feel as if you have been objectified? Do you think that these advertisements are a bit too far? Some of them I didn’t think were that bad, but the others are despicable. What if it were your daughter? What if it were your mother being used? What if it were… you?
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