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Being a woman, I know that shopping for women isn’t too difficult – beauty, gift cards, and jewelry. I am not saying that those are the only gifts that women like, but most women would be happy to receive any of those. When I say jewelry, I don’t necessarily mean diamonds. Some of the best jewelry I’ve ever received weren’t expensive, like the Pandora charms my boyfriends gives me or the cute necklace from a friend. A watch is always a good choice. I think watches are underrated these days because everyone relies on their cell phones to tell the time. Watches are a fashion statement, though. They should still be a gift-giving staple, especially with gift sets like these!

Shore Projects Women Watch Set Black Green Polka Dot

Shore Projects has their famous Watch Gift Box that is a huge hit for men and women. What makes it so unique is that you can choose different band colors & designs, watch faces, and even materials. Usually, when you hear of a watch gift set you immediately think, “Oh, a bracelet and a watch”. Well, not this time. The Shore Projects Gift Box can be made for men or women. It all depends on what you choose. 

Shore Projects Women Watch Set

It begins by you choose a watch face. I chose the black Falmouth face because black is always easy to match with my wardrobe. Next you will choose 3 watch bands. They have classic, silicone, mesh, polka dot, and leather. All of which have different colors to choose from. You simply select the 3 that you’d like and you’re all ready to go. It’s definitely one of the easiest online ordering experiences that I’ve ever had. When you click on each band, you can see it attached to the watch face that you chose. I love this feature because it allows you to see what looks good together. I ended up choosing the pretty Mint Polka Dot Band, the Classic Olive Color Band, and the Black Leather Band. I was just drawn to all of these, so I had to have them. 

Shore Projects Women Watch Set Green

The Gift Box arrived and I was impressed with the packaging. The box is very nice and everything was packaged safely. Each band comes in it’s own box with a bag to keep it in. The bands are adjustable and look really pretty on. The materials are good quality and the watch face is gorgeous! I would definitely buy from here for my friends and family. 

Purchase a Watch Gift Box here (it sure would be a great Valentine’s Day or birthday gift)

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