Gorgeous Cosmetics Review: Want a Gorgeous Look? Use Gorgeous Cosmetics!

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Want a Gorgeous Look- Use Gorgeous Cosmetics! #FallBeauty #Beauty (1)

I love trying new brands. Especially brands that I’ve heard only positive things about. Gorgeous Cosmetics is a brand that I’ve heard incredible things about.

Want a Gorgeous Look- Use Gorgeous Cosmetics! #FallBeauty #Beauty (2)

Gorgeous Cosmetics is a luxury Australian cosmetics brand founded by Celebrity Makeup Artist, David McConnell. Our full spectrum collection includes high-performance complexion, eye and lip products, premium Pro-quality brushes and reusable false lashes coveted by makeup enthusiasts and industry elite worldwide. They may be an Australian brand, but they are pretty popular here in the USA. Let me tell you more about the products that I had the opportunity to play around with. 

Want a Gorgeous Look- Use Gorgeous Cosmetics! #FallBeauty #Beauty (1)

4 Pan Romance Smokey Eyes Palette

I love this palette. The colors are perfect for a Fall smokey eye. The deep purple is subtle and gives just enough color for your smokey eye to really pop with your Fall outfits. The shadow is very smooth and easy to blend. This is definitely a day or night look. I think that it really made my blue eyes stand out. This is my go-to Fall beauty product. I carry it in my purse for my quick looks!

Want a Gorgeous Look- Use Gorgeous Cosmetics! #FallBeauty #Beauty (2)

A new twist on the traditional smokey eye. This palette features a combination of flattering and passionate shades to bring out the eyes. These four shades of Colour Pro Eye Shadows blend smooth and last long into the night. Wear each shade alone or combine them to create an artistic masterpiece. 

Shades Included:
Charity – Cream pink highlighter with slight sheen
Dusk Rose – Warm rose with a matte finish
Violet Satin – Deep purple with bronze sheen
Fudge – Matte finish deep brown

Want a Gorgeous Look- Use Gorgeous Cosmetics! #FallBeauty #Beauty (3)

‘On Your Mark’ Eyes Set

I was really impressed my this set. The mascara is one of my favorites! The brush is perfect. Check out my lashes! They look so long and beautiful. The mascara doesn’t chip, clump, or flake. I wore it all day without any issues. The brush allows for you to reach every lash and separates your lashes. The eye pencil is really nice too. It’s a Kohl color and looks great with a smokey eye. It rolls on smoothly too. 

Want a Gorgeous Look- Use Gorgeous Cosmetics! #FallBeauty #Beauty (4)

Whether the mood calls for a dash of definition or a dose of drama, master your most-wanted wink with this eye-catching lineup. Celebrating both liquid and pencil liner buffs, this set stars the best of both worlds – with the blend able smoothness of our Eye Pencil and iLine, our breakthrough waterproof Pen that dries in seconds and lasts for hours. Cast an eye-opening effect with Glamalash Mascara, our wonder formula that envelops each lash in extreme length and voluptuous body. Stay sharp with our high-quality double blade pencil sharpener that prevents build up from the blades. Container locks tightly to prevent lost shavings. 
Set contains: Full Sized iLine eye liner pen, Glamalash Mascara in Black, Eye Pencil, Pencil Sharpener
Want a Gorgeous Look- Use Gorgeous Cosmetics! #FallBeauty #Beauty (5)
“Barely There’ Lip Pencil & Prism Powder Highlighter


‘Barely There’ Lip Pencil

I love the color of this lip pencil. Although, “Barely There” really isn’t a good name for it because, as you can see, it’s there! haha. It’s a bit of a brown/brick color with some glow to it. I think it’s pretty with the Romance palette. 

Create or define the perfect pout with our gorgeous lip pencils. An essential for maintaining beautiful lips by keeping your lipstick or gloss in place. The gentle formula glides on easily and wears evenly with your lipstick. No feathering or leeding. High quality ingredients ensure that our pencils sharpen to a perfect point for precision lining.

Want a Gorgeous Look- Use Gorgeous Cosmetics! #FallBeauty #Beauty

Prism Powder Highlighter

There are great suggestions on how to use this on the site. I did my own thing. I contoured with the darker colors, using it as a bronzer. It brought some beautiful golden glows to my skin. The lighter highlighter colors looked great under my brows and on the top of my cheekbones.

Prism’s multi-dimensional reflective properties give you a sophisticated shimmer. This transparent and pearlised, luminous powder gives skin a gorgeous subtle sheen. Prism’s soft particles are so finely milled that they reflect and diffuse the light, reducing the appearance of imperfections. Use as a highlighter to create catwalk cheek bones and backstage brows, by sweeping delicately along cheek and brow bones.

Superstar Liquid Highlighter

I use this all over my skin. It gives your skin a slight glow and a lot of beautiful shimmer. I wouldn’ use this on my face as I think it would bring too much shimmer. I think this liquid highlighter is great for that glow that you lack in the Fall months. 

A delicate, shimmering fluid, which subtly highlights the skin and brightens the complexion. Shine like a star with this luxe, liquid skin glisten. This rich formula is enriched with Vitamin E to nourish and give your skin a gorgeous sheen, promoting a fabulously healthy glow. Use alone on face and body, or combine with your favourite foundation or moisturiser.

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