What it’s like to be on the Walk The Prank set at Paramount Pictures #WalkThePrank

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Walk The Prank Screening

I am so excited to tell all of you about a recent event that I got to attend. I visited the Walk The Prank set on the Paramount Pictures lot! Yes, the Paramount Pictures. The moments we had on set were a dream come true. The Walk The Prank cast is just as charismatic in person, as there are on tv. We had the opportunity to watch a screening of Walk The Prank and to chat with a few actors on the show. I’ll tell you more about the Q&A later, but for now, I want to tell you about my awesome experience on the set and about the episode that I watched. 

At The Disney XD Building before heading to the Walk The Prank Set

So, we started the morning with breakfast at the Disney XD building in Burbank, CA. The other bloggers and I ate a delicious breakfast while watching a screening of Walk The Prank. The show is hysterical! Rumor has it that our laughter could be heard down the hall of the building. If it’s that funny to a group of adults, just imagine the laughter you’ll hear from your children! A think overall the favorite prank from our group was the incredibly elaborate robot/Science Fair prank. Basically, one of the pranksters dresses in a robot costume and pranks a clueless Science Fair judge. It was absolutely hilarious! Another favorite from the episode that we watched consisted of one line: “Wanna go back to my crib?” The first episode was really impressive. The bar was set high! I recommend watching it with your kids. It’s definitely a family show! It isn’t your typical prank show either. The pranks are real, but there are scripted parts, too. Walk The Prank actor, Tobie Windham described it as a “sitcom, reality prank show”. I’d have to agree. 

Paramount Pictures Gate

After we watched the screening, we hopped in the vans t head to our next destination: the Disney XD building at the Paramount Pictures lot in Los Angeles, CA. The Paramount lot is absolutely gorgeous! Everything about it is beautiful. When you go to these lots, it really feels like you’re walking onto the scene of an old school movie. Photos just don’t do it the justice that it deserves. 

Paramount Studios Lot Walkway

Paramount Pictures Stages

So, we reached the Disney XD building and we were super excited to see the Studio plaques with the names of famous movies and shows that were filmed there. Were we really stepping foot into a building this iconic? Immediately after walking through the doors, we knew we were behind-the-scenes while magic was happening. We walked past a mock-up cafeteria, a school hallway with lockers, and we planted ourselves inside a mock up classroom. At the front of the classroom was a television with 4 camera angles. We were watching as they were filming scenes for Walk The Prank! We were right behind the wall where the scene was being filmed, so we could hear every single take. “Quiet on set” is an actual thing. It isn’t just in the movies. The entire experience was really eye-opening. Acting is a long and exhausting process. These kids have a lot more drive and passion than most adults that I know. 

The Jungle Book Walk The Prank Set Visit
Photo Credit: Disney XD/Tony Rivetti
walk the prank dog costume
Photo Credit: Disney XD/Tony Rivetti

At one point we got to visit the “prank room” which was packed full of prank supplies and gag gifts. It was a ton of supplies that you’d see in a typical prank store, which was really cool. We even saw the crazy dog costume from the first episode! There may or may not have been some robot dance moves taking place with the bloggers and the cast. haha! 

doing the robot with the walk the prank cast
Photo Credit: Disney XD/Tony Rivetti

Paramount Pictures Wide Shot

Afterward, we ate lunch at Paramount Pictures and even got a little shopping done at the Paramount Studios store! What an incredibly memorable and fun experience! These trips are so much fun because we get to learn, grow, and bond with other bloggers and with some of the cast. I hope that after reading this, you set Walk The Prank to record or mark your schedules to watch it soon!

walk the prank set visit and chat
Photo Credit: Disney XD/Tony Rivetti

Watch Walk the Prank Wednesdays at 8:30 PM on the Disney XD Channel

An innovative new format that blends scripted comedy with real hidden-camera pranks, “Walk the Prank” follows a team of practical jokesters who create hilarious over-the-top pranks for an online hidden camera show.

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  1. Walk the Prank is our new favorite family show! That is so awesome that you were able to go there and see all of that and meet them. I remember that dog costume from the show…we were laughing so hard at the people’s reactions.

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