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This post in sponsored by Amwell. The doctor visit is real and my opinions are real. 

I think we can all agree that we hate going to the doctor. There’s not enough time to visit a doctor every time we need to. Sometimes you wish that you could get help from home. Every time I am sick I think about how nice it would be if a doctor would come to me. Being in a car while you’re sick is not fun. It’s even worse for the kids. Dragging them to a doctor is more work than it’s worth. With the way technology has advanced, it’s no surprise that companies like Amwell are offering visits via phone calls and video chats. 

Before I tell you all about our Amwell visit, I want to give you a bit of information about Amwell, why I recommend it, and how it stands out among its competitors. 

  • Amwell is created by doctors and you will speak with certified doctors every time you call. 
  • It’s the first telehealth service awarded accreditation by The American Telemedicine Association. 
  • The first telehealth platform to integrate with Apple’s Health App, which is pretty cool if you ask me. 
  • It’s the only service that allows you to select the doctor you want to see for an on-demand visit. Most of them choose a doctor for you 
  • It’s affordable – $49 per visit. 
  • It’s convenient. If you want a quick service, don’t have transportation to a doctor’s office, or you aren’t up for leaving your house, just give them a call from the comfort of your own home. 

Amwell Review

Okay, so I had a friend visiting who is currently struggling with weight loss. I told her all about Amwell and she decided to visit with a nutritionist while I took notes. It took a few days for us to actually find someone available. It seemed each time we checked that the nutritionists and the therapists weren’t available. Today we were finally able to connect with Registered Dietitian, Cristina Cavanaugh. My friend basically explained that she’s been struggling with meal planning and with resisting sweets. 

Amwell Review

After gathering all of the personal information she needed, Dr. Cavanaugh gave my friend some incredibly easy and healthy snack alternatives to help conquer her sweet tooth. One idea she gave was to eat peanut butter on graham crackers. That was an idea that we would have never thoughs of ourselves. She gave her about 5 great snack ideas during the video call. 

Another recommendation was to manage your portions appropriately. She suggested the “Healthy Plate” technique. This is where you fill half of your plate with healthy vegetables, a quarter of your plate with clean protein, and a quarter with complex carbohydrates, like wheat pasta, wheat rice, etc. She also recommended to eat snacks with high protein and high fiber because they keep you full longer. 

Amwell Review

The call was 20 minutes long and the dietitian taught my friend a lot! She definitely knew her stuff. She was very sweet, too. The experience was very pleasant. She even followed the call with an email that included a customized meal plan for my friend, the conversation wrap up, and a list of healthy snack ideas.

Amwell Review

This experience was definitely better than I could have ever expected. We trusted the Nutritionist because she was very helpful and there wasn’t a question that she did not have answer for. It took a few tries to find someone that was available for a call, but it was worth the wait. The video chat was very clear, too. We definitely ended the call saying that Amwell is a service that we will definitely use again! 

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This post in sponsored by Amwell. The doctor visit is real and my opinions are real.  
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  1. I’d really like to try Amwell out. The company I work for just added a staffed certified nutritionist. She’s been really great. I’m going to sign up just to see what other types of services they have to offer.

  2. This looks it is so easy to use! I love the idea of being able to use my phone to chat with a professional over video. Having two young kids it is nearly impossible to get out of the house to do something for myself. Thanks!

  3. It seem great to talk to a nutritionist virtually. Christina the Nutritionist seems knowledgeable and had helped your friend. How would it work to actually be seen by a medical doctor virtually. There are sometimes things can’t be diagnosed without seeing the patient or having test done. To a certain extent virtually seems good but how can it actually really help?

  4. This is such a great app especially for those with small children. I can’t tell you how many times it would have been so nice to just be able to talk to a doctor really quick instead of taking my child all the way (which means time off of work etc.), when all they tell me that to just give fluids and a lot of rest.

  5. Love the idea of this! I have littles at home and there have been PLENTY of times that I wanted to chat with a doctor without actually going in for a visit. I might need to check this out for some potty training tips as well. Thanks for letting us know about this!

  6. I’m quite impressed with this service. I would totally use this especially during the winter months. There are some issues that are not urgent care and I’ve been putting them off because of the effort to go physically to a doctor’s office. A service like this can be very helpful for people like me!

  7. I am not sure if I would use this for primary care. I think using it to speak with a nutritionists or maybe weight management might be very useful for me. Would be very convenient. I would probably open my fridge and show them what’s in it and ask what can I eat and what can’t I eat! lol

  8. You’re so right–I actually really hate going to the doctor’s office. I think the worst part about it is the whole waiting room aspect, and then having to deal with other people when I’m not feeling well. The idea of talking to my doctor with Amwell from my home is SO darn appealing to me!! I’m definitely going to have to check this out!

  9. This would be great for us! We live over 1/2 hour from any Dr’s office and in the winter we often get several feet of snow at a time. I would rather pay the $49 to sit at home and talk to a Dr rather then risk the long drive into town in bad weather.

    Thanks for the info!

  10. I totally love the idea behind this! It just makes it so convenient! With the colder months coming along, it’s definitely going to be handy.

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