The 5 types of women that I want to be friends with (and why these are the best types of friends)

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The 5 types of women that I want to be friends with (and why these are the best types of friends)There’s something really empowering about being around other women. I didn’t grow up with a group of female friends. I’ve always had 1-2 girlfriends and the rest were guys. There’s a huge difference between a friendship with a man than a friendship with a woman. With female friends, there’s an unspoken language and a mutual respect. When you’re in a group of secure women, it’s like you’re in a tribe. You don’t have to personally know one another to feel a bond with them. However, it takes a certain kind of woman to give off an energy that makes others feel like they can open up to them and talk to them about anything. Those are the women I want to be friends with. Those are the best types of friends!

The 5 types of women that I want to be friends with (and why these are the best types of friends)

1. The woman with strong beliefs

She’s the woman always posting on Facebook about her opinions and beliefs. She doesn’t do it in a way that’s offensive. She respects your beliefs, but you best believe that she will have a healthy debate with you any day. She will happily “agree to disagree” and go about her merry way. You don’t agree with her? Good. You aren’t exactly the same and she appreciates your differences. I like a woman that knows exactly what she believes in, what led her to those beliefs, and the facts behind them. 

Why is she a good friend? She is the friend that will stand up for you. She doesn’t care what trouble it will cause her because in her heart, she knows what’s right. 

2. The woman that’s always laughing

There’s something that wins me over about a girl that’s always smiling or laughing. I’m not referring to the polite smiler. I am referring to the girl that laughs more than the average person. I’m referring the one who will smile when you walk into the room, whether you’re a stranger or a friend. These are the girls that appreciate life. She loves the little moments and is grateful to be in your presence. I bet her laugh is pretty contagious, too. 

Why is she a good friend? She is the one that will find a light shining in the darkest of hours. She will flip your bad day and make it into a beautiful one. My soul thrives off of positive people. I need these type of friends to survive. I need a friend that makes me laugh in the most innapropriate situations. 

3. The sarcastic, loud, vulgar one

There are so many reasons why I love women like this. I love a friend that you can’t put on speaker phone in public. I love a friend you have to lecture before taking her to meet you grandparents. These are the women that take life by the balls and then laugh because I said balls. If my cheeks aren’t red from embarrassment, then this isn’t you. She’s the friend that blatantly asks about your sex life and tells you a little too much information about hers. I love a girl that says all the wrong things at all the wrong times, but is there for you when you need her to be. 

Why is she a good friend? She’s the one that threatens your boyfriends if they hurt you. This is the type of friend that you can tell anything to without her flinching. She’s the one that you call at 2am because you need a good vent session and maybe a drink or two. She’s not afraid to be herself and would never judge you for being you. 

4. The one that asks questions

I have the worst social anxiety. I can have a mind full of thoughts and have them all disappear as soon as someone walks up to me. I’m not so good at interacting, face to face, with my peers. I clam up and just don’t know what to say. If a woman is really outgoing and surrounded by people, I wont talk walk up to her because of my anxiety. That’s why a woman that asks questions is the best kind of friend. When someone asks me questions about my life, it’s because they care. They are interested in getting to know me. I love that feeling because I slowly start to ease up. My heart stops racing and I slowly become more comfortable. 

Why is she a good friend? She puts in the effort. She takes the time out of her day to talk to you and ask questions. She walks up to you just to goes out of her way to talk to you. She’s the kind of friend that will always be there when you need her. She will always know what’s going on in your life before everyone else. 

5. The woman thats a little shy or different

In a public setting, I find myself drawn to the ladies that are shy and/or different. If she’s standing alone, I’ll make an effort to talk to her. I always think, “Maybe she’s like me. Maybe she has anxiety. Maybe she is uncomfortable.” I never, ever want someone to feel alone or to feel like an outcast. I want everyone to be comfortable and to feel like someone is on their team. She is the one who stands out in the crowd, but doesn’t know it. She may be standing quietly in the corner, but her presence is known.. 

Why is she a good friend? She doesn’t make friends with just anyone. She’s not very outgoing or a “people person”. But boy, when you break down her walls she is full of depth. She has so much to say and is the most loyal friend. I would probably have a lot in common with her because I’m pretty strange myself. Quirky, weird, and different people are my favorite. 

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