Train’s Bulletproof Picasso Album Review

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“I’ve always wanted to emotionally connect with people through the songs, But I also want to get into people’s lives with this album. We’re very excited about Bulletproof Picasso and we’re looking forward to performing some of the new songs for all our fans.” -Monahan (Lead singer of Train)

If you loved Train before then you will really love them after listening to this album! With a Maroon 5 flare and an upbeat sound, Bulletproof Picasso has everything that a music lover yearns for in an album! It contains songs that will make you laugh, songs that will make you dance, and songs that will make you cry. Train has a way of provoking emotions in me through their music that many bands are lacking. Maybe it is Patrick Monahan’s sweet and smooth vocals that never miss a pitch or maybe it’s the sweet melody of of guitar that keeps me wanting more. Whatever it is Train has got it goin on!

What is so special about Bulletproof Picasso? Well I immediately want to say the lyrics. I have always loved the clever metaphors and the relateable lyrics that Train puts into their music. In this album, Train does not veer away from who they have always been- an Alternative Rock band with a twist. The “twist” is even more apparent in Bulletproof Picasso. Why do I say a “twist”? Well most rock bands are led by the guitars. The vocals are just a bonus. It is very clear in Bulletproof Picasso that the vocals, drums, and keyboard have taken center stage. This is especially clear in their new song “Give it All”. Brandon Bush plays the keys like it is what he was born to do and Monohan sings as if his heart has been broken into a million pieces! THIS is REAL emotion! THIS is how bands should perform. THIS is exactly what I expected from Train’s Bulletproof Picasso because they never deliver anything less than perfection. Listen to “Give It All” below!


Here is a Track listing of Bulletproof Picasso

Track 1. Cadillac Cadillac- Very upbeat and fun song!

Track 2. Bulletproof Picasso- Emotional, Pop Like Song. Could definitely see this as a radio hit!

Track 3. Angel in Blue Jeans- Beautiful and smooth love song.

Track 4. Give It All- Emotional, slow song. Very relateable. This is my favorite song from the album!

Track 5. Wonder What You’re Doing- A faster speed song. Very fun song!

Track 6. Son of a Prison Guard- Unique, story telling song! Love this song! Very catchy and memorable.

Track 7. Just a Memory- Great descriptive imagery in this song. I love the beat. This is another love song that should be a radio hit!

Track 8. I’m Drinking Tonight- Very different from their other songs. I love this change in style. It definitely reminds me of a bluesy classic rock song. I’d could definitely see this being a top song on my playlist!

Track 9. I Will Remember- I am loving this beat. The drum pattern is great! This will be a great concert song! I definitely see a crowd going wild for this song!

Track 10. The Bridge- Very memorable! I love this song! It is a perfect display of how beautiful Patrick Monahan’s vocals are!

Track 11. Baby Happy Birthday- This is a really beautiful heartbreak song. I am such a sucker for sad songs. It makes me laugh too because I feel like every man could dedicate this to his woman at some point!

Track 12. Don’t Grow Up So Fast- I think that this song is great for everyone to hear. Everyone can relate or knows someone that can. This is another very beautiful song! Every teenage girl should hear this. Definitely one of my favorite songs of the album!

Overall this is a really great album! If you love rock, alternative rock, or pop then this is for you. In fact, I believe that if you are a lover of any other genres that you will find something on this album that you enjoy! You can preorder this album right now here:

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8/28 Gilford, NH Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion at Meadowbrook
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    1. Amber,

      Awesome! I loooove them! You have to listen to the song “Marry Me”. It’s my #1 fav song by them!


  1. This post just took me back about 10 years. So many great memories come flooding back every time I hear Train. I listened to them a lot my senior year of high school. 🙂 They are so talented and you are going to love them live! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!! 🙂

    1. Oh that is awesome!! What’s your favorite Train song? I loooove music that makes me nostalgic. There is no better feeling. Ahhh love it.

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