Think Fun’s Compose Yourself Game

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Okay, some of you don’t know this about me, but I am a music major. I have a degree in Music Production, but I found myself writing more than producing, so here I am. My love and passion for music will never change. If you say music, my head turns. I love rock, rap, hip-hop, country, classical, folk, and so much more. I’d never cut out a genre because I would just be missing out on life. With that said, anything music-related sparks my interest. I have to tell you guys all about this awesome and creative game by Think Fun

Compose Yourself Music Game for Kids

Compose Yourself is a game for the music lovers of the world. Whether you’re a child or an adult, you can find joy in this creative game. Basically, you arrange your cards, which have different musical patterns on them. You will be creating your very own composition by lining up the the cards. You can even flip them for different patterns. After you have your pattern all set up, you enter the card codes onto the website. Now you can hear your piece played by an orchestra! You can even rearrange your patterns until it is just right for you. Once you’re complete, download your MP3 version OR print it onto sheet music! 

I absolutely adore this game. Think Fun has the right idea here! I could seriously see this game in schools and in the homes of everyone with children. I think this is a fun way to teach your children about music. The hands-on approach, combined with technology really keeps the child’s attention. It’s a game that the entire family will enjoy together. 

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