The Power Perch – Cell Phone Charging Station For The Home

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Power Perch - Outlet Shelf

Tired of tripping over your smart phone or tablet because it’s on the floor next to the outlet? Looking for a way to add shelves without damaging your walls? Need more horizontal space in your bathroom, next to your sink? Power Perch is exactly what you need. It’s for the kitchen, bathroom, garage, family room, dorm room – anywhere there’s an outlet! This is a great cell phone charging station for the home!

Power Perch - Outlet Shelf

I received a couple of these to review and at first, I was unsure about these. It seemed complicated and too simple. After I realized how you install it, I thought, hmm… that might be too difficult. You have to remove the plate of the outlet, place this behind it, and then screw the plate back in. I was definitely a skeptic at first. After my boyfriend installed it in no more than 3 minutes, I realized how incredible the Power Perch is. The design is simple, but it should be. If this were complex at all, most people would think that it wasn’t worth it. This simple design is exactly what I need and want in my home. We use our power perches more than we thought we would. We use them to charge our devices, such as our cell phones and tablets. I also use one of the power perches to hold my small humidifier. 

These outlet shelves are so useful, simple, and easy to install. They come in different colors and blend right into your home. These would make great gifts for anyone or a great addition to your own home. Who doesn’t need a charging station organizer? 

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