The Perfect Music Festival Sandals: BareTraps

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Rylan BareTraps Close Up

BareTraps is a shoe company that creates stylish and affordable shoes that provide the ultimate amount of style and comfort. Their collections inspire uniqueness and creativity mixed with a bit of edginess, depending on what you wear with them of course. That’s the best part. BareTraps are completely versatile. You could wear one pair to a wedding and wear the same pair to a work. They are that stylish! I will be wearing mine probably every where I go because that’s how I roll. One place that I will definitely be flaunting my BareTraps is at my next music festival. Music festivals require a huge amount of fashion and comfort. BareTraps sandals provide a lot of both.

Rylan BareTraps

I received my first pair of BareTraps and as soon as I opened the box, I could have sworn that they were glowing and singing my name. The Rylan BareTraps are GORGEOUS! They are absolutely my style. I immediately pulled them out of the box and rubbed my hands all over their beautiful faux leather bodies. The tips where your toes lie are very soft and feel nice against your skin. The actual footbed has the perfect amount of cushion to keep your feet comfortable all day long. The straps of the sandal are not stiff, so they wont rub harshly against your feet, which is typically an issue for me with sandals. You can choose how snug your sandals are because there is a Velcro ankle strap. I am completely obsessed with the comfort level of the Rylan Baretraps. The soles are thick enough to save your feet from the uneven surface at music festivals. The material is perfect because you can wipe them right off with a wet rag without ruining them.

Rylan BareTraps- My Go-To Music Festival Sandal

As for the style, these would fit right in with a music festival look. The Cognac color is perfect for a bohemian type look. The open toe is super cute. You could wear a nice lil toe ring to really complete your look. What I love the most about these is that you can wear them with anything. They would look great with a long dress, a pair of jeans, leggings, a skirt, or shorts. These are great for a warm weather day! The website just does not do these shoes justice! Hopefully my photos will give you a better idea of the style.

Women and Their Pretties in Rylan Cognac Sandals from BareTraps

If you want style, comfort, and a fashion forward look for an upcoming music festival or outdoor event, then these are perfect for you. The color blends well with almost anything. Make your style POP with the Rylan BareTraps.


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  1. Those are very cute. They sound very comfortable and would be great for walking around Disney World 🙂

  2. Those are gorgeous and they look super comfy too. I understand why red is your go-to colour it’s mine too. Whenever I feel bad about myself I look at my toes and instantly feel pretty lol.

  3. I agree, these sandals would be perfect for festival-going! My issue with a lot of sandals is getting blisters. Thanks for highlighting their comfort!

  4. Those look pretty comfortable, and definitely could be worn for any occasion! What a find!

    (My problem with sandals is I usually can’t do a lot of side straps (wide feet, the little toes get crunched).)

  5. Love the color and style of these sandals. This is something that I would wear year round here in Florida.

  6. I spent the weekend watching the live stream of Ultra Fest in Miami… you should have seen the awful shoe choices! I can tell these are super comfy which is the key to surviving being on your feet for 3 days straight 🙂

  7. I love the versatility of these sandals. They would work with my pants or my long summer dress. The heel is not to high for me as I do not step well. I wish I had them for my sons wedding last year!

  8. these really are the perfect festival shoes!! From someone who spent years on tour and hitting as many festivals as possible… I know how hard a good shoe for shows can be to find!!!

  9. I wore snadals at a concert/music fest once, it was the worst idea with all the walking I did. It also made for one hell of a sunburn.

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