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The Glam Guru Beauty Box Review - Israel Beauty #SubBox #Bblogger

The Glam Guru Beauty Box is an Israeli Beauty Box packed full of the hottest trends on that side of the world! You will receive a minimum of 5 products with at least 1 full-size product. You can even tell them your preferences! For only $27.50 (plus shipping) you can pick up a one-time beauty box from The Glam Guru!

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This was sent to Women and Their Pretties for review purposes, check out other subscription box reviews here. My opinions are that of my own. I was not compensated for this post in any form other than a free box to give my honest opinion on.

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I was completely surprised by how lovely this beauty box is. It came packaged very nicely! I love that it came in a cute little bag and that everything was laid out in the bag beautifully. It’s always fun to receive something along with the actual beauty items. I think every beauty lover would agree that nice packaging sure does make the box more appealing! 

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Most beauty boxes disappoint me, but I am really excited by this one. Usually my beauty samples get thrown into a box until I can give them away as gifts. The Glam Guru Beauty Box has items that I am genuinely excited to try! These items seem to be great quality, with trusted ingredients. They are also very unique. 

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I received a lot of items in my package! I definitely received more than 8 items, two of them were full or deluxe size. I am the most excited about this gorgeous blush, which I will be using as bronzer. 

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The vanilla fragrance smells amazing! I could smell it as soon as I opened the package! It’s a very unique and pleasant scent. I could see this being sold in stores at around $15-$20. 

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Overall, I am very excited and impressed this box. The items are selected very nicely and I love that you can tell them your preferences when ordering. My only concern is the price. While $27.50 is reasonable, the shipping to the USA tacks on another $14-$15. If you’re in another country, the price will vary. This would for sure be a gift that I would give to someone, as it’s packaged beautifully. I could see this being given to a wedding party! 

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