REVIEW: The Bella Linkable Slow Cooker System – Perfect For In Home Parties

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Have you ever thrown a party, made all of the plans, decorated your house, and then you’re left to realize that your space is very limited? I have done this year after year. Another issue for me is that I never seem to have enough bowls, pots, or pans for all of the dishes I am cooking. When we party, we do it big. We want a little bit of everything for everyone. I have recently discovered the Bella Linkable Slow Cooker System and it has made cooking, as a party host, much easier!

Bella Linkable Slow Cookers System

The Bella Linkable Slow Cooker System is two slow cookers that link together on one power supply. You can cook two dishes at once. Maybe you’re making a pot roast and peach cobbler for dinner? The Bella Linkable Slow Cooker System makes it simple to do. The squared shape is convenient for space-saving and storage. I love using this to make dinners for my family and especially to make party snacks for my guests. 

Cook, serve, expand, stack and store with BELLA LINX. The new and innovative design lets each unit connect together so you only need one power source. Versatile linking system allows you to cook 1 or 2 or more dishes at once. You can link up to six units and they stack together for easy portability and storage.

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  1. Ohhh, this looks super neat. It’d come in handy big time! Only trouble would be trying to figure out where to store it! lol.

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