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TeeBlox – Why You Need To Subscribe NOW!

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TeeBlox is a monthly subscription service that sends you a t-shirt and other goodies for between $9.99 and $12.99 a month. The best part is that if you use my coupon code PRETTIES you will get 15% off your first box. TeeBlox has a variety of box themes to choose from: Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Cartoons, Games, Movies & TV Shows, Beers & Liquors, or Hot Meex. I chose Hot Meex because it seems to be a variety of everything. After choosing your theme, you will choose your shirt size, and place your order. 100% authenticity is guaranteed and you can cancel at any time. 

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TeeBlox is a subscription service that’s such a great deal that I think anyone with a love for pop-culture should subscribe. They just added a ton of awesome new categories: Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, and Cartoons. I have a feeling they will continue to add awesome new categories as time passes. Seriously, Disney and Marvel is enough to win anyone over!

This time around I received a Swamp People shirt, Might Avengers Comic, Superhero Stickers, and a movie poster. I am not a fan of Swamp People, but that’s okay because I know my mom will love this shirt! That’s the chance you take with the Hot Meex box. You may get something that you cherish and you may get something that you can give to a friend. I don’t mind at all. The little goodies make it all worth it in the end! I am going to collect the comics and stickers all year and give some lucky kids an epic nerdy box for Christmas!

I also want to mention that the shirt is very nice quality. TeeBlox doesn’t cut costs here. They have shirts that you’d buy in the store if you saw them. The difference is that you get awesome extras, a lower price, and a fun surprise!

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