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TeeBlox is a monthly subscription service that sends you a t-shirt and other goodies for between $9.99 and $12.99 a month. The best part is that if you use my coupon code PRETTIES you will get 15% off your first box. TeeBlox has a variety of box themes to choose from: Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Cartoons, Games, Movies & TV Shows, Beers & Liquors, or Hot Meex. I chose Hot Meex because it seems to be a variety of everything. After choosing your theme, you will choose your shirt size, and place your order. 100% authenticity is guaranteed and you can cancel at any time. 

TeeBlox Promo Code and review

TeeBlox is a subscription service that’s basically a steal! They have a ton of awesome categories: Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, and Cartoons. The price is way more reasonable than any other similar subscription boxes. It’s definitely one of the cheapest subscription boxes that I have ever seen. Trust me, I’ve subscribed to a lot of subscription boxes in the past few years. 

TeeBlox Promo Code and review

This TeeBlox was especially unique to me. It was a black and yellow shirt that says “Mula”. I wasn’t sure exactly where this was a from – a movie, show? I just knew that I loved it. It has a nice urban/hip-hop feel to it which I love. I did my research and found out that it’s the YMCMB brand, which is Young Money and Cash Money’s apparel brand! How exciting. I love rap and hip hop, so this is really cool. Other than this being a great name brand, the shirt is incredible quality. I love that the graphic is made of a different material. It really stands out. 


TeeBlox Promo Code and reviewOther than the shirt, I got a few stickers and a comic book. I love the extras! I love saving them to give to kids at Christmas time. What a fun idea. TeeBlox is truly impressive and never disappoints! 

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