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I am an adventurous girly girl. I love going on trips and doing new activities like ziplining, running down a nature trail, or attending a big concert or festival. If you are a traveler you know how difficult it is to find an accessory that is stylish and convenient. That’s what I love about Hoo-rags. They are cool, funny, stylish, multi-use, comfortable, and convenient!

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So before I get started on my review, I want to explain to your what a hoo-rag is. It is a little bit of everything. It is the ultimate accessory! You can wear it in a ton of different ways. I have worn mine as a pony tail rag, pirate rag, and face rag. You can check out all of the ways to wear a hoo-rag here. The options are really endless though. You can wrap it around your wrist and wear it as a wrist or arm band if you choose to. Hoo-rags are used for a number of reason: to keep your hair out of your face, to protect yourself from dirt, dust, or chemicals, to keep yourself warm, to look cool, as a costume, to collect the sweat on your face, or to warm your neck.

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I knew when my cousin was bragging about the hoo-rag that I would love it, but I didn’t expect to be this impressed. I received two hoo-rags to review and I have purchased one since then. These are perfect for music festivals! Every festival I attend is full of dust and by the end of the night my face is dirty, I am coughing, and my nose is full of dirt. The hoo-rag will eliminate this issue. The fact that they have so many cool and fun designs is what really draws me in. I already know that people will be commenting on our hoo-rags at the music festival! I like to bring my hoo-rag with me on walks and runs because I can use it to keep the sweat out of my eyes or to keep my hair off of my face. The designs are fun and intriguing, but my favorite part of the hoo-rag is the quality. It is stretchy and lightweight. You can breathe through the fabric and it isn’t so hot that it is overwhelming. I want to collect all of hoo-rag designs! My favorite are the skull ones, which is why I have 3 skull ones now. haha. Their designs range from flowers to funny faces to solid colors.

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