Disney Movie Rewards Mystery Reward Reveal
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Mystery Haul Vol. 6: Disney Movie Rewards Mystery Reward Reveal

If you haven't noticed already, I'm addicted to mystery hauls. If you say mystery, I say count me in! If you really want to get me excited, then introduce me to a Disney mystery haul. I adore anything Disney related, so it's not like I'm taking a risk when I buy a Disney mystery item. I've bought Disney mystery pins, mystery minis, mystery keychains, and now, a Disney Movie Rewards Mystery Reward!
Funko Pop Haul Vol. 1 - The BFG and Disney's UP
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Funko Pop Haul Vol. 1: The BFG and Disney’s UP #FunkoPop

I'm quite the Funko Pop Vinyl collector. I've only been collecting for the past year, but my collection continues to grow every month. I can't help but to get excited when new Funko pops are released. If it's something that looks cool or something that's related to a movie, show, or character that I love then I'm going to get it. My addiction is strengthened because my lovely boyfriend is also a collector. So, we feed each other's addictions. It's a problem... but one that I never want to be solved.
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Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids #TwoBlogsFunGuides

Welcome to the 2016 #TwoBlogsFunGuides Fun Valentine's Day Gifts For Kids guide! This guide is full gifts idea that children will love on Valentine's Day. You can expect books, toys, or even clothing for kids! Each of these gifts are personally recommended by Women and Their Pretties and/or Mama Smith's. Be sure to check daily because we are constantly adding the new items that we discover!
Star Wars 3DlightFX

Star Wars Lights – Celebrate The Force Awakens With These Cool 3D Lights!

You may recognize the 3DlightFX from my Marvel's Avengers lights from a previous post. These lights are battery operated and can be controlled by switching them on and off in the back. Each light is unique to it's design meaning that the colors, location of the light, and amount of light differs. For example, the Hulk light is green. One thing that is missing from my photos is the stickers that come with each light. The stickers are to be placed on the wall behind your light to make it look like the lights are crashing through the wall. Since we rent our home, we decided to save them for when we buy.