How to trick people into thinking your don't have pets – 6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

5 Tips for making Spring Cleaning FUN – featuring my favorite new tech device: Chromecast Audio

I'm sure you've never heard cleaning and fun in the same sentence before. At least not in my house. I don't mind admitting that I hate to clean. I love being in a clean home, but cleaning isn't my strong suit. I guess my hate for cleaning makes me a little more creative while doing these dreaded tasks. I do whatever I can to trick myself into thinking it's fun. I know it sounds silly, but I swear it works. Especially with a new device I'm come across.
Springtime Blues Rockport Pumps

Outfit of the Day: Springtime Blues #OOTD

I recently wrote an Outfit of the Day post about Springtime Corals. Coral is really popular for spring and summer, but blue is too. So, I figured that I needed to show off the pretty blue colors that I like to wear for my spring looks. I will wear any color of blue. In the autumn, you'll see me wearing navy blues. In the winter, you will see me in royal blues. In the spring and summer, you can find me in any light or bright blue color there is. Hopefully, this outfit will give you some inspiration!
Spring Fashion Guide - Women and Their Pretties
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2016 Spring Fashion Guide #TwoBlogsFunGuides

If you know anything about a woman, it's that fashion is somewhat important to her. Even if she isn't that into fashion, I bet the right outfit will put a smile on her face. Women and Their Pretties and Mama Smith have teamed up for another #TwoBlogsFunGuide to present the 2016 Spring Fashion Guide, which is filled with looks that any average woman can recreate, with the right pieces.
Music Festival Must Haves Guide WOMEN AND THEIR PRETTIES
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2016 Music Festival Must-Haves Guide #TwoBlogsFunGuides

With their incredible experiences at concerts and music festivals, they've gathered a pretty fun list of items that they'd take with them to a music festival. Each gift on this guide was personally tested and/or approved by one or the both bloggers. Please enjoy and remember to keep coming back because new items are added daily!
Shark Rocket Powerhead Review Close Up

REVIEW: The Shark Rocket Powerhead will give your carpet and hard floors a deep clean! #SpringCleaning #SharkRocket

Spring is in the air… and so is the dirt and pollen (yuck!). Spring means a lot of different things to different families. In our family it means lots of fun, but lots of cleaning. We have allergies in our family so we have to keep the house as clean as possible to combat those allergies! Cleaning this year isn’t as stressful because I have my new Shark Rocket Powerhead vacuum. It’s seriously incredible and it even motivated the man of our house to vacuum (score one for me, ladies!).
Metrostyle coral retro dress close up

Outfit of the Day: Springtime Corals #OOTD

Spring is in full swing and I am so excited. Now I can wear my beautiful, bright colors with confidence! For today's look, I wanted to feel pretty. I didn't want to be over the top, but not casual either. What I love about metrostyle is that they give me the power to be beautiful and confident on any average day. Their clothing is for real women, with real bodies. If you have curves, their dresses will flatter your body just right. They have clothing for all sizes!
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