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There's a new Sephora and It Cosmetics collaboration that will blow your mind – with IT Cosmetics exclusives

There’s a new Sephora and It Cosmetics collaboration that will blow your mind – with IT Cosmetics exclusives

It Cosmetics is known for their collaborations with QVC. Every once in awhile they release an exclusive kit that makes you want to sell your right arm to get. It Cosmetics is the one brand that I can always rely on to release exclusive, healthy products that I will love. Every time they release exclusives, they sell out almost immediately. It Cosmetics is the only brand that offers products that do exactly what they claim to do. They are effective and treat your skin well!
ITs Your Bye Bye Collection Review

REVIEW: IT’s Your Bye Bye Collection! Available on QVC Today Only!

The IT Cosmetics IT’s Your Bye Bye Collection includes game-changing products that let you say “bye bye” to your skin concerns and hello to life-changing results! This Today’s Special Value® is scheduled to debut on QVC® Friday, March 25, 2016 at midnight (ET) and will be available for one day only! Each day, QVC picks one special item to offer at an exceptionally low price from midnight (ET) until 11:59 p.m. (PT) that day.
REVIEW of Neutrogena Naturals is like My Personal Skin Repairing Team

REVIEW: Neutrogena Naturals is like My Personal Skin Repairing Team

Around two weeks ago I changed my beauty regime. My old beauty routine consisted of using a facial cleanser every night and only using moisturizer when my skin was feeling especially dry. I've been told a million times to use moisturizer daily, but I couldn't seem to remember to use it daily. I even preached to my friends and family to "use moisturizer daily." Finally, I am practicing what I preach and I wish I'd discovered these all natural, environmentally-friendly products sooner!
Udderly Smooth Beauty Products

REVIEW: Your Skin Deserves To Be Udderly Smooth

The lotions, creams, the body washes – sometimes I think we, as women, have too many options. A good skin care product can make our skin or literally break it... out. I've had great experiences with skin care products, but I've had quite a few terrible experiences too. Usually, I get something in between - a typical skin care product that doesn't change my skin at all. That's almost the worst kind of experience. At least if a product breaks your skin out, you know that you should throw it out. It's the products that don't do anything at all to your skin that are frustrating. Should you keep it? Should you throw it out? Eh, you might need it someday. So, you just put it in your cabinet and it stays in there forever. Okay, I have gone off on a bit of a rant here, but I promise it's for good reason. I've found a company that makes your skin utterly smooth (said with my best British accent).
Regen FX Moisturizer

REVIEW: Regen FX Moisturizer

I don't know if it was the weather or my facial cleanser, but lately my skin was incredibly dry. I am talking it went from really oily, to so dry that my skin peels in some areas. I had tried a lot of different moisturizers and some were pretty good while some - not so much. I'd been searching for one that lasts all day and that transforms my skin when I learned about an age-defying moisturizer.
Amope Gifts

Amope Review: Give Her The Gift of Spa Services in the Comfort of Her Own Home #Amopé #IC

I'm sure you've seen the commercials. The Amopé has two products that are supposed to make your feet and nails as beautiful as every before! I watch commercials like this all the time and I think, does this really work? Many advertisements are false or a bit exaggerated. That's why I take the time to try the products before you and give my first-hand (or foot) experience with them. With the holiday season upon us and the Christmas wishlists filling up with Amopé products, I thought that I should give you peace of mind before you buy! I am going to tell you a little bit about my personal experience and more information about the Amopé products.
Makeup Tinker bell Would Wear - Pixi Beauty

Pixi Beauty Review: 3 Makeup Products That Tinker Bell Would Wear

Is it just me or do Disney characters wear the best makeup? They have perfect skin, big beautiful eyes, and boy do their smiles light up the room. Yes, it's all make believe, but I think we could totally look flawless with the right makeup. Have you ever seen the Disney characters at a Walt Disney World? They are absolutely beautiful. I know that most women think of the Disney Princesses when we think of makeup and beauty. I, however, couldn't help but to think of beautiful little Tinkerbell this time around. So what are 3 makeup products that Tinkerbell would wear? Let's just pretend she's in the 21st century and a trendsetter.

My New Favorite Makeup Remover Wipes

Taking it off (makeup that is), has never been this easy or safe. Organically formulated and free from harmful chemicals, Natracare wipes gently and effectively remove all makeup while moisturizing, leaving skin feeling soft and clean. No beauty routine is complete without Natracare's organic wipes. Also, great for your makeup bag or purse for touching up on-the-go.