NEW Pixar and Disney Movies Coming Soon | 2017 D23 Expo

I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA where the biggest Pixar and Disney Animation announcements took place just a few short days ago. In true Disney fashion, they kept the magic and wonder alive with special appearances, huge surprises, and first-looks at the most
Baby Dory

Baby Dory is a-DORY-ble! #FindingDory @FindingDory @TheEllenShow

The entire audience – adults, children, grown men – "awed" every time baby Dory was on the screen. Seriously, she's the cutest things you will ever see. Everything from her sweet little voice to her big ole' eyes makes you love her even more. I feel so much more emotionally connected to her because of this movie. If you haven't see the movie yet – you will want to after watching this new clip.
3 messages you can take away from Finding Dory #HaveYouSeenHer
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Finding Dory Review: 3 messages you can take away from Finding Dory #HaveYouSeenHer #FindingDory

The time as finally come, folks! Finding Dory is in theaters everywhere as of today. I've been waiting for this day since Finding Dory was just a rumor. I had the incredible opportunity to attend an advanced screening on Tuesday and boy, was it a good time! Our theater was filled with boys, girls, men, and women of all ages. I wasn't surprised to see such a diverse audience, though. Finding Nemo stole the hearts of everyone, so I knew that Finding Dory would too.

Finding Dory: New Photos Unveil New Characters #FindingDory

I've watching the Finding Dory trailer more times than I'd like to admit. I've showed it to my family and friends. I am just too excited about this movie. I only wish it were hitting theaters sooner because I am very impatient when it comes to a movie I love. I mean, Finding Nemo was my life for a long time. haha. So, Disney is teasing us again by slowly releasing more and more information. They have just released new images unveiling new characters from the film!
Rileys First Date

Get the Inside Out Short, “Riley’s First Date?” for FREE on DMA!

Inside Out was one of the most memorable movies of 2015. It also happens to be one of my all-time favorite animated movies because it actually makes me feel something, which is the point of the movies. Inside Out is a movie that you want to see more of. The creators took that into consideration and released the incredible short, "Riley's First Date?". It's available for free on Disney Movies Anywhere for a limited time, so grab it while you can!
Finding Dory

New Finding Dory Trailer – Could Ellen Degeneres be any funnier? #FindingDory

I am so obsessed with Ellen Degeneres. I watched her show every day and she’s just hilarious! She isn’t a punch line comedian. She’s just naturally funny. Just hearing her voice makes me giggle. I cannot express to you how excited I am about Finding Dory! This trailer makes me even more excited and impatient. Ahh, be ready to giggle. I’ve had to watch it two times, back to back.

“Yes, I’m a Natural Blue” New Finding Dory Posters Available!

Oh Finding Dory, how I already love you so. I am overly, tremendously, and stupidly excited to see Finding Dory. I have every intention on seeing it as soon as humanly possible. I have watched Finding Nemo more times than your child, I can promise you that. Every little bit that is released, I am all over! With that said, I want to introduce you to the brand new movie posters! Woohoo!
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