Best & worst reactions to my pregnancy announcement

The Best and Worst Reactions to my Pregnancy Announcement

When you're an adult in a strong and committed relationship, you expect reactions to your pregnancy announcement to be positive, right? Unfortunately, not everyone reacts how you'd like them to. So, it's very important for you to not overthink or overreact to their reactions. Don't forget that breaking big news
The TOP 10 Girl's Night Movies About Friendship

The TOP 10 Girl’s Night Movies About Friendship

Popcorn. Junk Food. Drinks. Gossip. And the best girl's night movies. That's all you need for the perfect ladies night in. Let's talk about the top 10 girl's night movies that every lady will enjoy.  A common misconception about adulthood is that we get married and stop spending time with
How to Host a viewing party - light between oceans

How to host a viewing party – for a group of women & a drama flick #LightBetweenOceansBluray

Where does on learn how to host a viewing party exactly? I mean, we all have to learn somewhere. Maybe you've picked up ideas on blogs or from friends, but for me – I learned from experience and creativity. You'd be surprised at what you can do when you really put your heart into something. I was recently approached by DreamWorks to host my very own Light Between Oceans viewing party. This is a major drama flick, so I decided that my overall theme would be comfort. The guests at my viewing party were all women, so I made it a point to cater to them. If you're looking to host a viewing party for a drama flick, keep these tips in mind.
Social Media plays a vital role in how we treat one another. We are highly influenced by social media. These are the lessons social media taught me.

9 vital lessons Social Media taught me about humanity.

Social Media. It has a bit of a stigma attached to it these days, with good reason. A few things we all think of when social media is mentioned are: funny memes, cat videos, addiction, bullying, and gossip. Is that all social media has to offer? Is it only beneficial
5 things nobody tells you about being in a relationship... and what you need to know before jumping into one

5 things nobody tells you about being in a relationship (and what you need to know before jumping into one)

As a young woman, I've explored a lot of different relationships. I've had really long-term relationships, love at first site relationships, really passionate ones, and really volatile ones. No two relationships are the same, but they all carry a few common things that nobody seems to mention. Maybe we are too involved to realize it, maybe we are too afraid to admit the truth, or maybe we just don't talk about our relationships enough. These are the 5 things nobody tells you about relationships.

55 Acts of Kindness Bucket List – with free bucket list printable #WomenPrettiesBucketList

It's important in our lives to do as many kind things as possible. Some people don't believe this, but I think the reason for our existence is to help one another. It doesn't have to be big acts of heroism. It's the little things that matter. You'd be amazed at how a simple act of kindness can change a person's day or even change their life. It's something that we, as individuals, should be practicing and something that we should be teaching the new generations. This is my 50 acts of kindness bucket list. You can even get this free bucket list checklist printable to check off all of the 50 acts of kindness! It's something fun to do as a family, individually, or with friends.
14 of the best breakup songs that you've probably never heard - but need to hear ASAP

14 of the best breakup songs that you’ve probably never heard

I can't be the only one dying for a list of new breakup songs. I've searched my iTunes for my most-played breakup songs to make this list for all of you. I filtered out the popular songs, such as Sam Smith's Stay with Me and Adele's Someone Like You. Maybe you've heard a couple of these sounds before, but I bet you haven't heard them all. Listen to them. Cry. Buy them on Amazon. Listen to them 10 times back to back. Cry some more. Thank me in the comments below.
A simple act of kindness is always remembered

Why a simple act of kindness is always remembered

You never know how you can change someone's life just by giving a helping hand, complimenting them, smiling at them, sparing some cash, or standing up for them. We are humans. It's our job! We should always have each other's backs. Sometimes it's important to not mind your own business. Sometimes a simple act of kindness isn't so simple gives more than a simple feeling. We're all in this together, after all.
Loving Movie

Let’s make Loving Day an OFFICIAL Federal Day – Acknowledging multiracial families #LovingDay

In 1967 the US Supreme Court made a decision between the Lovings vs Virginia, which struck down all US State Laws banning interracial marriage – mainly between non-whites and whites. This is a day to remember and a day that should be celebrated until the end of time. I know that it's easy to get wrapped up in all of the hate, but we truly are a loving nation and we should remember where we came from. I couldn't imagine a life that wouldn't allow me to be with the one that I love.
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