Movies based on books coming to theaters in 2018

43 Movies Based on Books Coming in 2018 #ReadingList

The new year is right around the corner and so are a ton of incredible movies! I'm excited to share the 43 movies based on books coming 2018! Be sure to mark your calendars because 2018 is going to make book lovers very happy! 2017's "Movies Based on Books" feature
Get these awesome Children's Christmas books on Amazon for under $10! Stock up now before it's too late. 50 books for under $10!
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50 Children’s Christmas Books on Amazon for under $10 #AmazonDeals

Reading is important for kids of all ages. Toys come and go, but a good story remains in your heart and mind forever, much like the knowledge gained from books. I've compiled a list of 50 children's Christmas books for under $10 on Amazon that will keep your kids reading all Christmas break and will keep you within your budget. It's a perfect start to the new year and a fun way to spread holiday cheer.
Create a reading nook that will fit into any corner of your home - it's quick and easy (and not just for kids) #HomeDecor #Reading

Easy DIY Reading Nook for any corner of your home| #HomeDecor #Reading @KESSInHouse

My idea of a perfect reading nook revolves around comfort. I wanted big pillows, soft blankets, and of course, really good books. I don't exactly have a location in my home that's free. So I decided to build my reading nook in a corner of a bed and a wall in our guest room. It's in a location that doesn't have much traffic, but can be removed quickly when we need the space.

3 Reasons to read The BFG book before seeing the movie #TheBFG

There are some books that are so incredibly written and imaginative that you secretly beg for a movie – The BFG is one of those books. It's so weird, funky, and fun! With his own crazy language and massive size, you can't help but wonder what he'd look like on the big screen. Would he actually fit into the big screen? bahaha! This is one book that I think should be read before you see the movie, for a number of reasons.
2016 Spring Reading List Featured Image
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2016 Spring Reading List #TwoBlogsFunGuides

Welcome to another #TwoBlogsFunGuides event! We are presenting the 2016 Spring Reading List which is all part of the 2016 Spring Guide Series! This reading list if filled with fun, exciting, thrilling, and enjoyable books for kids, teens, and young adults
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For The Woman Who Never Makes Time For Herself

Remembers those dreams that you once had before life got in the way? Remember the activities you did that made your day a little bit better? You know, the stuff you did before responsibilities and routines took every minute of your life. But wait. Did it really take over every minute?
Fire HD 8, 8" HD Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB - Includes Special Offers, Blue

Why You Should Grab the Amazon Fire HD 8 for Christmas #AmazonFire

I was the type that refused to give up my physical books. For the longest time I was completely against using an e-reader. I still love my paperback and hardcover books. I'd give almost anything to live in a library, on a bean bag chair, drinking delicious coffee, and reading until I fell asleep every night. I will never give up my tangible books and now, I will never give up my Amazon Kindle Fire. The Amazon Kindle Fire is everything that I didn't know I wanted and I just need to tell all of you about it.