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The Lion Guard Unleash The Power DVD

The Lion King is back with The Lion Guard Unleash The Power DVD – Includes a free necklace!

I often catch myself singing songs from the original The Lion King. There's something about Disney movies that stick with you forever. I'll always have a deep rooted love for The Lion King, so The Lion Guard has a special place in my heart before I ever even watched it. Now that I have watched it, I'm a huge fan. What kind of woman would I be if I didn't? Not the kind of person I'd hang out with, that's for sure! The Lion Guard is onto a new season – The Lion Guard Unleash The Power. I'm telling you that it's so much fun! You'll find yourself watching it long after the kids go to bed.

55 Acts of Kindness Bucket List – with free bucket list printable #WomenPrettiesBucketList

It's important in our lives to do as many kind things as possible. Some people don't believe this, but I think the reason for our existence is to help one another. It doesn't have to be big acts of heroism. It's the little things that matter. You'd be amazed at how a simple act of kindness can change a person's day or even change their life. It's something that we, as individuals, should be practicing and something that we should be teaching the new generations. This is my 50 acts of kindness bucket list. You can even get this free bucket list checklist printable to check off all of the 50 acts of kindness! It's something fun to do as a family, individually, or with friends.
4 ways to get the family excited for Pete's Dragon (as if they need help) #PetesDragon

4 ways to get the family excited for Pete’s Dragon (as if they need help) #PetesDragon

Pete's Dragon is slowly inching closer and I'm getting antsy! I'm sure there's are tons of you out there getting more excited as each day approaches. Pete's Dragon is another Disney classic that's being brought back to the big screen as a live-action film. Sometimes I feel like nobody is as excited as I am about new movies. That's why I have a few ideas to get everyone just as excited as I am for Pete's Dragon. Enjoy!
When Home- Adventures with Tip & Oh premieres on Netflix July 29, Tip and Oh zoom past a moon made of sugar as they journey to the grand Gorg Birthday celebration.
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4 reasons Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh will make you laugh hysterically

I had the pleasure of watching a couple of episodes of the new Netflix series, Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh. After watching DreamWorks movie Home a few too many times, I was ecstatic to be invited on a press trip to get a sneak peek of the show and to chat with the stars! If you liked the movie, you will love the show! It's the craziest, silliest, funniest show that you'll ever see.
Sofia Giveaway

Sofia The First: The Secret Library – Available on DVD Today + An Awesome Giveaway!

I have a hard time resisting anything related to Disney. It's kinda my thing. I don't care if you are 7 or 27 (like me), a cartoon is a cartoon and it makes me happy in my heart when it's a Disney one. Sofia The First: The Secret Library is really cool because it features Disney characters that we know and love, like Brave's Merida and Frozen's Olaf. This is a show that families everywhere will love! Plus, it includes a free necklace! How cool is that?
Mickets Sport-Y-Thon Activity Sheets

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon: Activity Sheets and New Clip #FREEBIE

Put on your sneakers and get ready for the greatest sporting event ever! Join referee Goofy and all your Clubhouse Pals from Earth and outer space as they compete in wonderfully wacky games. Share the excitement -- and a sky-high view of the action -- as sportscasters Pete and Donald Duck broadcast live from above in the Sport-y-Thon Blimp! Who will earn a prized Golden Mickey Medal? Help our heroes discover that with teamwork and good sportsmanship, everybody wins! Jam-packed with over two hours of song-filled fun, MICKEY'S SPORT-Y-THON will have you calling for an instant replay!
TMNT Activity Sheets

Celebrate World Turtle Day with these FREE TMNT activity sheets! #TMNT2 #Freebie

Did you know that today is World Turtle Day? Honestly, I'd never heard of it until today. I think it's incredibly fun and inspiring, though. We all deserve a safe environment that we can be ourselves in. That's why I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They are always looking out for the little guy. Check out this TMNT2 World Turtle Day tv spot and grab some free TMNT activit
Free Disney Activity Sheets

Alice Through The Looking Glass: FREE Activity Sheets & New Clips | #ThroughTheLookingGlass #FREEBIE

I am SO excited about this new movie. I will be attending an advanced screening next week, so be sure to keep an eye on my blog to see what my personal opinion of the movie is. Don't worry though – All of my reviews are spoiler free! I've got your back, yo! Until then, I have some free activity sheets and some new clips to get your a little more pumped up about the movie. Enjoy!

Grab this FREE Finding Dory Memory Game #FindingDory

Ahhh... Finding Dory is swimming to theaters soon! I remember when Ellen first mentioned that there would be a Finding Dory – I thought it was a joke. Now, here we are almost a month away from it hitting theaters. This is one movie that I will see on opening day! It's marked on my calendar and I am ready to go! I am so excited about the new characters, too. I am sure you are all just as thrilled as I am. It seems so close, but yet so far away. Until then, you can play with these fun Finding Dory activities!
BLING Activity Sheets

The Movie, BLING, will be in select theaters May 6th! #Bling

There is so much hype with the movie, BLING. How could there not be? It's a unique story that kids and adults can relate to. Also, Jason Mewes and Tom Green voice some of the characters. They are classic actors that can always make you laugh. I wrote my BLING review a few weeks ago because it was free on Google Play. Now, BLING will be available in select theaters! Will you be going to see it?

Celebrate Star Wars Day with Star Wars Inspired Drinks, Swag, and a Damn Good Movie #TheForceAwakens

Star Wars Day is coming soon! Here's a little tidbit that not everyone knows – my boyfriend and I went on our first date was to Hollywood Studios on May the 4th, 2013. We were so excited to walk into the park and see all of the Star Wars characters running around. Because of this, Star Wars Day is something that we celebrate with pride. This year we are going all out. We have games, toys, drinks, snacks, and the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray combo pack. Since the world is going bonkers over the new movie, I figured that I would share all of our fun right here on my blog! Hopefully, you will join us for Star Wars Day!
Open Season Scared Silly

Open Season: Scared Silly – Now Available On Blu-Ray & DVD + FREE Activity Sheets

Open Season is a family adventure that we all want to go on. This installment of the series is cute, entertaining, and hilarious! The characters are all easy to love and with Open Season: Scared Silly, you're bound to develop an entirely new love and connection with them. The storyline is actually really clever. It teaches valuable lessons about friendship, working together, and overcoming your fears. Watch this movie with your children for an opportunity to bring up these important topics.
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