Surprise Mom with the Native Trails Copper Heart Box

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Native Trails Copper Heart Box

Native Trails is a company built from the love and appreciation for artisan practices. The founder loved the idea of items made by hand with all natural materials. I love that the company respects and supports the skills and trades that are often forgotten this day and age. Since this was so important to the founder, they kept up with the idea of developing only handmade products that were created with natural materials, such as recycled copper, barn wood, bamboo and more! It seems like the most durable products are made by hand with with natural materials. That is my experience, at least. The products made by Native Trails are created in the same way that they were many years ago, using REAL skills and craftsmanship. Knowing all that I do about this incredible company, I was thrilled to check out their products!

Native Trails Copper Heart Box

I received the Copper Heart Box from Native Trails and I was immediately impressed. I typically judge items by their weight. It sounds a bit strange, but it’s something that my grandmother taught me at a young age- if it’s light, it’s most likely cheap. Obviously it depends on the items, but you catch my drift. So, when I pulled the Copper Heart Box out of the (really secure) packaging, I was impressed by the weight. It’s definitely not a poorly or cheaply made products. Being that it is made out of recycled copper, it shouldn’t be light, but some companies find a way to cheat you out of what you expect. Not Native Trails though. What you see and read is exactly what you get. Actually, what you get is more than you expect. This is an item isn’t done justice by it’s photos or description. It’s just beautiful. The texture is very nice and unique. It is hand hammered, so I’d imagine that every box is a tad bit different. I LOVE that this is shaped like a heart and has a lid. It’s the perfect gift box for your mom on Mother’s Day or for a wedding gift. I hid a bracelet and candy inside as an early Mother’s Day gift for my mom. She LOVED the box just as much as what was inside. 

I adore this heart-shaped copper box. It’s a beautiful addition to any home. It can be used for so many different things. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed in this little gem. 

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  1. This looks like a well made item. I can definitely see myself giving this as a gift, although it won’t be for my mother, as she is no longer with us. I can only imagine what it looks like in person.

  2. Looks very pretty.. I do check the weight on metal items too, just like my mom taught me.. I go one step more.. I still smell stuff before i buy..

  3. That sounds like a beautiful box. I always judge an item by the weight too (depending on the type of item), so I am always impressed when an item has a nice substantial weight to it. It looks like a wonderful gift.

  4. Wow, that is a really cool box! I love little trinket boxes like this. They’re great to store little items you don’t want to lose and they also make a great little decorative touch. I’ve pinned it for later, someday my husband will catch on that I have a plethora of gift options on my Pinterest!

  5. Oh my gosh what a beautiful box. So ornate! It almost looks like it would be made of chocolate! LoL Beautifully made. I might have to snag one for myself – looks perfect for displaying potpurri!

  6. I like the company is supporting hand made products created with natural materials. I always feel hand made ones turn out better somehow. It was good to know about the weight concept, will keep that in mind in future. LOve the design and color, perfect shape considering hand made and made of recycle copper. Perfect to hide a gift and surprise your mom, wont be expecting something like this!!

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