Summer Concert Must Haves | Preparing your skin & style for the season!

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Summer is for music, mingling, and fun. Get the most out of your summer with these concert must haves. A girl can never be too prepared. These items help prepare your skin and style for concert season. This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media.You need all of these items for a fun concert!

I’ve attended over 50 concerts in the past 4 years. I’ve been to indoor and outdoor concerts. Some are in stadiums, some on lawns. I’ve even been to 4 day outdoor music festivals. I’ve done just about everything as far as attending concerts go. With that said, I know what it feels like to show up unprepared – it’s not fun. I learned the hard way. After many fails, I’ve finally mastered concert season preparation. All it takes is a little beauty preparation and a really good fashion piece. So, these are my favorite concert must haves for preparing your skin and style for summer! Concert Must Haves for women

Summer Concert Must Haves

1. Bloom Mineral 4-Piece Kit

A must-have for girls preparing for concert seasonWhen you’re a woman, summer means a new skin care routine. Your face has to be prepared for all the makeup-free events like swimming, sweating, and sports. When I attend a summer concert, my makeup always melts off my the end of the night. I need my skin to be clean and clear for those naked face moments. If you don’t want to hide those tagged photos from your timeline, then pick up this Bloom Mineral 4-piece kit. The size makes it perfect for traveling, so if you’re attending a music festival, this won’t take up too much room. This is an ultimate summer concert must have for skin care. 

Kit Includes: Purifying Mud Mask, Softening Cleansing Milk, Shielding Eye Cream, and Moisture Shield

How to use:

  • Clean your face using the Softening Cleansing Milk
  • Shake the Mud Mask and apply generously to face, leave on for 15-20 mins and wash off (slight tingling is expected and will stop after treatment)
  • Apply the Moisture shield and Eye Cream

Grab the kit at | Use Code: skin25 – for 25% off. Expires 6/30, Limit of 2 uses per customer.

2. Clear Eyes Pure Relief® Multi-Symptom

The best concert must haves for womenLadies, keep those beautiful eyes bright and clear for all those summer concert photos. You want to look back and see your most beautiful self and that’s why you need a bottle of Clear Eyes Pure Relief Multi-Symptom in your festival bag. This is a unique formula designed to relieve red, burning, itchy, dry, irritated, gritty or watery eyes. You’d be surprised at how itchy and dry your eyes will get at a lawn concert. I wish I had this when I was running around 4-day music festivals with sand in my eyes, food, and everywhere else. 

Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ is the Winner of Product of the Year 2017 for Eye Care category, based on survey of 40,000 consumers by TNS.

Grab it at | Get a $3 coupon here

3. Nad’s Sensitive Hair Removal Cream

This summer concert must have will get those legs ready for fashion!Obviously, you can’t show up to summer concerts, in your cutest shorts & skirts with furry legs. If your camping out at a music festival or staying a friend’s house, it’s much easier to rub on Nad’s Sensitive Hair Remove Cream than to spend 15 minutes shaving. It comes in a bottle that’s easy for travel and even easier to use. You can get smooth skin in 4 minutes! How could any lady resist that?

Grab a bottle at

4. Coobie Bralette

The Coobie Bralette is great for concert season!Let’s talk about those dreaded two words that every woman hates: boob sweat. Yes, boom sweat. If you’re a B cup or above then you know all above it. Any outdoor activities almost require a sports bra (especially here in Florida). Obviously a sports bra is not very fashionable. I insist on remaining stylish and comfortable during summer concerts. That’s why the Coobie bralette is the perfect concert must-have. It comes is multiple colors and is a very light weight material, which means less boob sweat and more comfort. These bralettes aren’t just comfortable – they are sexy and versatile. You can wear one under a slouchy tee shirt, under a mesh top, or even under your tightest dress. Don’t worry if it peeks out a little bit – it’s supposed to. There are no pads or wires, which leaves every girl more comfortable. There’s also a hook in the back so you can wear it stylishly with racerback tops. 

I want to also mention that I wear a large Coobie because I am a 36D and it fits me just right. It gives me the coverage I need to wear it in public confidently. 

Grab a bralette in the color/size of your choice at

These concert must haves are great for any girl looking to Rock & Roll

What are your summer concert must haves? 

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