The Makeup Strobing Technique is the New Contouring

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Strobing is the New Contouring - #Strobing #Highlighting #Bblogger

The newest beauty trend that’s sweeping the nation is Strobing. Unlike contouring, strobing involves highlighting the natural light areas of your face. You need a good highlighter with a tad bit of shimmer. You want to use your highlighter very lightly. You don’t want to look shiny and robotic. Licensed hairstylist, makeup artist and beauty photographer, Stephanie Johnson, from recommends using a fan brush to dust the area with a highlighter. “A fan brush creates a great hint / kiss of highlight in those areas,” says Stephanie. Her go-to highlighter is the Mary Lou Manizer from The Balm

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See The Balm in action in the photo above. Stephanie did a light strobing on the model and you can see the bounce from the cheekbones and over eye. She also did the bridge of her nose and the ball of her chin. She also did the hair, makeup, and photography in this photo. Beautiful right?

Leslie Chatman, the founder of and blogger behind lifestyle publication Pop Goes the City comments on Strobing recommending, “Fresh, clean, moisturized skin with glowing cheekbones create such a healthy, youthful appearance. Strobing, or highlighting as it is most typically refer to, involves adding a luminizer liquid or powder to the cheekbones, blending it out so that it doesn’t look streaky and letting the light-catching properties create a fantastic glow.”

Strobing is the New Contouring - #Strobing #Highlighting #Bblogger (2)

I would personally like to recommend Makeup Revolution’s Baked Highlighters. They give just enough shimmer for the light highlight that you’re looking for. What really sets them apart from other highlighters is the variety of colors that they offer. No matter your skin tone or your preference, Makeup Revolution has a highlighter for you. Each highlighter is only $6.00 and you can choose from three colors: Radiant Lights, Peach Lights, and Golden Lights. Let your inner glow shine through with these stunning baked highlighting powders. Purchase here.

Will you take part in this new trend? What are your favorite highlighters?

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