Stocking Stuffer Idea: SinfulColors Holiday Nail Polish

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Has she been naughty or nice this year? Is she a sinner or a saint? Whatever good deeds or naughty sins the ladies in your life have committed this year, one thing is clear: She deserves the very best. If you didn’t agree, you would not be shopping for her. I have said it a million times and I will say it again: Women NEVER have enough makeup, shoes, or NAIL POLISH! Obviously at this point, you know where I am heading. I could tell you over and over again to purchase SinfulColors Nail Polish, but without a good reason, why would you?

sinful colors 2

That’s what I am here for folks. I have been a fan of SinfulColors Nail Polish for quite awhile now. I received their polish it different subscription boxes before and I have purchased a few at Walgreens. I have tried a few of their bright and fun polishes! What I love about the most about their polish is the variety! They have SO MANY colors that it is very difficult to choose between them. I received 4 of colors from their new holiday collection and they are to die for! They are all gorgeous. Another great feature of the sinful colors polish is that it lasts long. I can go just about 2 weeks without them scratching or chipping. Depending on the polish, it is usually chipping by the end of the week. I am not too good with keeping my polish perfect like some ladies are.

Sinful Colors Gilded
Gilded Sinful Colors Polish

The Sinfulcolors holiday collection has a variety of unique features. Some of the polishes are bright, some are warm; some are metallic and others are glittery. They are just all around unique, yet perfect for the holiday season! There are 22 holiday shades to choose from!! See, I told you there are a ton of polishes. The collection includes different categories:

Holiday Faves
Blue & Hints of Gold
Decked with Glitter Flakes
Opalescent Toppers

The 4 colors I received to review were:

Ice Dream from the Holiday Faves category

Cerulean glitter with a translucent silver base

Gold Medal from the Blue & Hints of Gold category

The perfect metallic gold

Pine Away from theHoliday Faves  category

Metallic glittering tree green

Gilded from the category Holiday Faves

A transparent shimmer with gold & red

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