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If you are anything like me, you cannot seem to let go of your old tech items. You feel like others won’t appreciate their worth or value. If you have boxes of tech items that you want to get rid of, why not trade them for cash? Did you know that there is a site that will accept your old consoles, video games, phones, tablets, etc and pay you CASH for them!? Isn’t that exciting? Saving these items wasn’t silly! Get your spring cleaning done and get paid for it!Trade4Cash

Trade4Cash is a site that makes trading in your old electronics an easy and very rewarding process. Follow these simple instructions to start making your money back today!

  1. Find your item on the site.
  2. Describe the item and condition. This is so they can place the right value on your item.
  3. Pack and Ship your item. 

That’s all you have to do for your part! Now you will wait for the shipment to arrive and for them to properly inspect the items. Now you get paid! Your payment will be in the form of PayPal, gift cards, or checks.

How easy is that? Start earning some extra money for Summer today! I am going to start by selling my CD players, old video games, portable dvd player, and a few of my other tech devices that I have saved for all these years. 

What I love the most about Trade4Cash compared to other similar sites is that they allow you to trade in just about anything. The system is very easy to use and understand. Im shocked that you can trade in old movies and video games! 


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