Socialcirclecards: Unique Business Cards are a fun way to expand your social circle #UniqueBusinessCards

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Being a blogger, I am on social media every waking hour. It’s important for me to stay connected with my fans at all times. It’s my readers that keep this blog running and keep my passion strong! With that said, we are in the decade of visual stimulation. Everything cute, bright, colorful, and clean is what attracts new fans. Everything from your website to your photography needs to be bright and clean! It’s basically an internet staple. Your offline presence needs to be just as memorable and attractive! That’s why you need business cards that fit right in with your clean theme. That’s where socialcirclecards come into play. 

UNique Business Cards

There’s a stigma that comes with the word business card. It’s just so… formal. When I think of a business card, I think of a plain and boring. That’s why you need socialcirclecards. They are turning the traditional business card into something that you’re excited to hand out. You should be handing out cards that people want to actually keep!

socialcirclecards are networking cards for the 21st century. We coined the term “social networking cards” because that is exactly what they are; cards made especially for social networking. socialcirclecards contain all of your networking info like your name, cell, email, and even your facebook or instagram info. Their fun shape makes them more inviting than the traditional “business card” and make them easier to hand out casually. Although the cards are great, the case it even more fun. It’s practical and stylish and keeps your cards at your side. It has a convenient clip which clips to your purse, or just about anywhere else. socialcirclecards help you make a fashionable first impression.


Simplesocialcards has styles for every personality type. If you like to stand out then your business card should, too! What’s really fun about these cards is that they aren’t your traditional shape, either. They are rounded and they come with a really cute case! Below are a few of my favorites!


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