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NIQUEA.D bracelet setNIQUEA.D is a brand for women who love to look and feel glamourous. Whether you are going out for a nice dinner or you are going to a big event, NiQUEA.D has something special just for you. Their jewelry is very chic and stylish, making it an excellent gift for a bride-to-be or for the other members of the wedding party. Something this gorgeous, needs to be shown off. 

The Jet Stretch Bracelet Set comes in a set of 10. I think that it could be beautifully coordinated with any outfit, especially with something more formal. This set comes with stretch bracelets that are made with black, clear, and metallic crystals and beads. They can be worn together or as separate pieces. I like to wear them all together because the set is really lovely. The stretch bracelets will fit on any wrist comfortably.


This bracelet set comes in a nicely decorated box. Inside the box, the bracelets were placed neatly in a cute mesh bag. Tied around the set was a pretty black bow. This would be a great gift for a bride to wear on her wedding day or at her bachelorette party. It could even be for the bridesmaids. The set shines like no other and will really make your look POP! Shop NIQUEA.D for the Bride-To-Be jewelry. 

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