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The Sons

The Sons– This is my favorite band of the box. I LOVE their style of music. I can’t help but to compare this UK band’s folk sound to Mumford & Sons. The Sons music is more fun and upbeat than Mumford & Sons, but it is just as beautiful and telling. Don’t think that the comparison means that this band isn’t original! They are one of the most original bands around. They mix a variety of genres into their music which creates a unique, never before heard sound! Some of their lyrics bring out emotions in me, which is what I expect from music; I want to FEEL something, whether is be laughter, pain, rage, or cheer, if it doesn’t make me FEEL then it isn’t good music. The Sons is a driven group of men spreading their music around like a wildfire! They are doing everything they need to do to be HEARD. Their presence could be comparable to a modern “Beatles”. The only thing that this band could use some work on is their online presence. A more professional website and music videos could bring a wider audience!

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City of the Weak– After downloading their MP3 “Just Another Eulogy” I can tell you that they are a band that is serious about their work. This is a Modern Rock band with a bit of a pop flare. They are definitely a band that would put on a good show because their attitudes are on fire and their intensity can be felt through the music! After listening to their first song I needed to hear more, so I decided to watch their Official Music Video “White Fire Alarm“. First of all, I must mention that I am very judgemental about music videos. It disgusts me when a musician or band does a cheap music video that lacks creativity. City of the Weak is NOT one of those bands. Their music video, which takes place with the band playing in a boxing ring, is completely professional and very entertaining to watch! I love love love their style and their presence is very apparent.

Morning Fatty– Haha. I LOVE this band name. It makes me giggle every time I hear it. Their name is very fitting to their style. I would say that their style is a lot like the band Sublime, with a mixture of reggae. With song titles like “Street Pharmacist” and “Nature Groove” you can definitely expect a bit of psychedelic feel to their music. I’d love to see this band at a Music Festival because their music will be a wonderful and unique addition to the other music. It would definitely stand out! Their music makes me want to dance, drink, and just chill all at the same time. If you want a little bit of funk and a little bit of reggae then listen to Morning Fatty!  Oh, and a little plus- They are from Florida like me. That pushes them up a rank in my book 😉

Chrysalis– This is an intense rock band! A lot of their music is like screamo! This definitely is not the type of music that I generally listen to. However, I do find their music to be arranged and produced very well. Their website is put together nicely, but I would love to see an “ABOUT” section. I like to learn about a band’s past, present, and their future goals. I was a bit disappointed to not find this information on their website or on their Facebook page. I do like their lyrics though. When I read them in their album fold out, I realize how deep they are.

Chicago Redefiners– Well, I was going to tell you about this band, but their website (which was on the sticker in the box) is currently not working. Not a good first impression.

Cult Classic– Love the lead singer’s voice! This is definitely my kind of music. I wish I could have found more information on this band online. I received a free download of their album, but I’m not sure if they have a website or social media. Their music reminds me of Simple Plan. That is a compliment because I loved Simple Plan back when they were still popular and releasing music. Cult Classic’s music is very beautiful. It is pleasant to listen to and I cannot get enough of the lead singer’s voice! I would categorize them as Alternative Rock, but I am not sure what they consider themselves. There music is arranged really well! Whoever Mixed and Mastered this did a fantastic job! I would love to learn more about Cult Classic.

Dylan Jakobsen– What a cutie he is! hehe. That is always a plus. With his acoustic guitar and his BEAUTIFUL voice, Dylan can make any woman swoon 😉 His music is Country with a bit of a pop flare! I can definitely imagine Dylan Jakobsen has a HUGE star on all the country stations! His voice isn’t a typical voice either. Something about it is very unique. I think that he could transition from one genre to another with a voice like his. As far as I know, he could already be a huge hit! I just don’t typically listen to country music. I do enjoy Country from time to time though. His website is incredibly professional and his music videos are just as professional. His song “Downtown” is actually on Vevo! From what I have heard I can definitely say that “More Than You Know” is my favorite. I am listening to it right now and I cannot get enough of his smooth voice. I love that he writes his own music. His songs are definitely ones that many could relate to! He is definitely one of my favorite artists of this box!

Jack Pines Hmm I wish I could tell you more about this band. They do have a website, but it doesn’t have much information on it and it does not have any music on it. I hope to learn more about this band someday. This is definitely a disappointment seeing as how they have included a nicely designed sticker in the Music Box.

Lost Years– This is a Punk Rock band. I typically don’t listen to Punk Rock, but the leads singer’s voice is really nice. I think that their songs need more work in the production aspect. Some instruments seem to clash in a few of their songs. Some aren’t as clean as others. They use a unique set of instruments, which is a breath of fresh air. I think that I hear a harmonica in one  their songs. I LOVE the emotion is the Lost Years music! That definitely draws me in. I think this band has won me over with their lyrics, emotion, and instrumentation. This is one of my favorite bands of the box. Ps- Their website isn’t the best, but it is definitely easy to navigate so that’s a plus!

Hemlock– LOVE this band’s style! Not a huge fan of their screaming heavy metal, BUT I do enjoy their style. haha. They are high intensity and seem like a really fun band! I would definitely expect them to put on a great show! Their website could definitely use some work. I think the idea of it is pretty cool- a drive in theater, but it could look better. Overall I think this is a good high energy band!

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