Send Your Grad Away With a CVS Care Package

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If you don’t know already, CVS has a little bit of everything. Whether it be holiday gifts, custom photos, or vitamins and medications, you can expect CVS to take care of all your every day personal and gift giving needs. I would like to say that they specialize in one specific thing, but that just isn’t true. They are really great at multiple things. I recently worked with them on a custom photo canvas and the experience was incredible. They completely exceeded my expectations in that department. They literally have something for every occasion. 

Since it is Graduation season, I’d like to suggest for your to send your grad away with a CVS care package! Since CVS has a little bit of everything, you can really create a customized package for your grad. They will be heading to college or to get a place of their own. With so much on their mind, the last thing that they are thinking of is preparing for sick days. I mean, at that age, we all thought we were invincible. Below are some ideas for an incredible grad care package and all of the items can be bought exclusively from CVS. 


  • CVS All Day Pain Relief Tablets – For those long, drawn-out, activity filled days when you just can’t seem to kick the headache and sore muscles. This is a must-have for all college kids! They are constantly on-the-go and need something to help them stay that way!
  • CVS Migraine Relief Caplets – After a long night of studying (partying), these migraine relief caplets will be just the pick-me-up your grads need to do it all over again the next day.
  • CVS Tussin DM Adult Cough & Chest Congestion Maximum Strength Liquid – The most difficult part of your grads going off to college is that you wont be there to take care of them when they are sick. That’s what CVS is for. Take care of them from a distance with CVS. 
  • Total Home by CVS Multi-Surface Wipes – Okay, so you want them to keep their area clean. They obviously aren’t going to clean like you did for them, but they can at least tidy up some, with these multi-surface wipes. 
  • Gold Emblem Abound Omega-3 Trail Mix – You gotta keep your babies fed! Everyone loves Trail mix. It’s a delicious and easy to enjoy snack!
  • Gold Emblem Abound Raw Natural Almonds – First of all, these are delicious! Secondly, they are good for you. Third, they have multiple uses. This is a great snack to carry with you, to enjoy with your meals, and to enjoy any time! The resealable bag makes it perfect to eat a little now and some later! 

I could go on forever to name the different care package ideas, like band aids, grooming supplies, and more! Visit your local CVS or Shop online today!

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  1. This is a great ideal, but I’d love to see a Tussin alternative as many states have pulled this product from the shelves due to the abuses of others; perhaps a more natural, liver-friendly, sugar-free, HBP alternative so more demographics can use it. Thanks!

  2. What a great idea to do care packages. I don’t know many grads that are going off to college. But this would come in handy for other occasions as well. These are great gift ideas. We have a CVS in town, but I rarely go there. I am going to go check them out just based off your experience in the photo department alone.

  3. This is great idea. I do not know anyone graduating this year unfortunately but shared with my friends to check out CVS packages. Useful gift, I know people prefer fancy stuff or may like to gift watch etc but some times such gifts which actually work in day to day need end up being more useful.

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