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Scentbird – A Perfume Subscription Service

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Scentbird is a monthly subscription service that will send you a 30 day Supply of Designer Perfume each month. The scent that you receive is chosen by YOU. If you aren’t sure which scent to choose, no problem. Scentbird has a style quiz that you take when you sign up which gives you scent recommendations that they know you will love. For only $14.95 a month you will receive a lovely scent. 

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Scentbird Perfume

I was originally surprised to see that I could choose my scent. That’s something that most subscription boxes don’t do these days. I love to mystery of not knowing what I am receiving, but I don’t mind choosing either. When it’s something like a fragrance, I think it’s important that we receive something that we will actually wear. 

The selection of fragrances is magnificent. They are all well-known brands and designers. There is really plenty to choose from for everyone! 

Scent Bird Logo

I wasn’t sure what to expect with my Scentbird fragrance. I thought that I would receive a (small) bottle of the perfume that I chose. It actually comes in a Scentbird bottle, which is sent in a beautiful felt pouch. I think the bottle is defined well and uniquely. You twist it and the spray nozzle pops up. They bottle is completely black and doesn’t have the fragrance name on it, a realized after using it a few times that you can pull the bottle of perfume right out of the top, which then gives you a clear bottle. I love this because it has the perfume name on it and I can see the amount of perfume in the bottle.

Lancome from Scentbird

I was recommended and I selected the Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose to try out. I love Lancome, so I figured I would give it a try. Man, it smells incredible! I love that they selected this for me because it’s just right. I think their style quiz is a great idea and gives recommendations that makes sense. 

Overall, I am please with Scentbird. You get a good amount perfume for a great price. I don’s wear perfume every day, so this will last me awhile!

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