5 Reasons I like scaring the hell out of my boyfriend (and why he secretly enjoys it)

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I have quite the obsession with scaring the hell out of my boyfriend. I hide in any little crevice I can just so I can jump out and spook him. There have been times when I’ve waited a half hour to scare him. Hey – you’ve gotta keep things interesting right? I’m sure this isn’t the kind of “interesting” that most couples would think of. Maybe you’re thinking that I’m a bit cruel. Well, maybe I am but he has picked up on this little hobby of mine and joined right in. It’s safe to say that it’s kind of our thing now. I personally get pure satisfaction out of scaring my boyfriend and here’s why. 

5 reasons I like scaring the hell out of my boyfriend and why he secertly loves it

1. It makes me laugh

Obviously, it makes me laugh. I don’t know what it is about scaring him that makes me laugh so hard, but I love it. Growing up, I always got joy out of scaring my friends, and now my boyfriend is my victim – muahhaha! I think scaring him makes me laugh more than anything else in the world. 

2. He secretly loves it 

He might complain every single time I do it, but I know he loves it. It always makes him laugh and sometimes he probably pees himself – but hey, he loves it… I think. I mean, he’s getting attention and men love attention. 

3. It bonds us

It’s our “thing”. We like to scare each other when the other one least expects it. I love little things that him and I do together. Plus, it’s kinda fun to see who gets the better scare. 

4. It’s playful

I have a very weird and awkward way of flirting. Basically, I “harass” the person I’m flirting with, as my boyfriend would say. I pick, poke, tease, and annoy. It’s very mature of me. I’m a playful flirt and scaring the hell out of my boyfriend is my way of connecting. That is all.

5. He’s vulnerable

I also love to see my well-put-together boyfriend show a vulnerable side. He’s a very serious guy that has to prepare and plan for anything. It doesn’t hurt to catch him when he least expects it. You’ve gotta keep your guy on his toes! 

Am I the only one who likes to scare people?

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