Rickland Orchards Greek On The Go Snacks

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Rickland Orchards Greek On The Go Snacks

Rickland Orchards has found a way to make a sweet snack nutritious and delicious. The Rickland Orchards Greek On The Go snacks are blended with Greek yogurt, cocoa, fruit flavored bites, and other natural flavors. They are perfect for traveling or for a quick treat! These chocolate covered fruit bites are more healthy than the average chocolate covered treats because of the yummy greek yogurt that they are blended with.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying 3 of these delicious treats and let me tell you, I think they are deliciously amazing! They are soft enough to sink your teeth into. The sweetness of the yogurt and cocoa mixed with the sour of the fruit leaves you with the perfect chocolate covered bite of perfection. The flavor is unforgettable. It even leaves a good after taste in your mouth that keeps you coming back for more. I’ve tried the blueberry, strawberry, and almonds. I would tell you my favorite, but they are all so delicious. The sweet greek yogurt coating on the almonds balances out the salty almonds just right. This is my boyfriend’s favorite of the three. He ate almost the entire bag for I had the chance to try one. Good thing that these have a zip closure, so you can save some for later!

Rickland Orchards Greek On The Go Snacks Almonds

I recommend the Rickland Orchards Greek Snacks for Easter Baskets this year. I think that they are a great new alternative to your typical Easter candy this year. They are great for the entire family to snack on, but I promise that you will not want to share with anyone!

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