REVIEW: The Shark Rocket Powerhead will give your carpet and hard floors a deep clean! #SpringCleaning #SharkRocket

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Shark Rocket Powerhead Review Close UpSpring is in the air… and so is the dirt and pollen (yuck!). Spring means a lot of different things to different families. In our family it means lots of fun, but lots of cleaning. We have allergies in our family so we have to keep the house as clean as possible to combat those allergies! Cleaning this year isn’t as stressful because I have my new Shark Rocket Powerhead vacuum. It’s seriously incredible and it even motivated the man of our house to vacuum (score one for me, ladies!).

I love this vacuum more than I expected to. I always just assumed that slim and lightweight vacuums weren’t very powerful. I assumed that they were only good for simple messes, rather than a deep clean. The Shark Rocket Powerhead completely proved me wrong. We were able to give our carpets and even our hard-to-clean rugs a good, deep clean. Let’s just say that cleaning one two rooms filled up the waist bin. Cleaning the house didn’t require vacuuming the same spot over and over again. It was quick and easy.

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The ease of this vacuum is really impressive. It’s really lightweight, so vacuuming is no longer a workout. Since it is easier to handle, you can clean the carpet quicker. The only issue we had is that it seems to want to drive itself. In other words, you can feel the vacuum tugging a little bit as you move it around.

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This upright vacuum is my new favorite. It gets the job done and has made Spring cleaning more of a quick task than a dreadful chore. If you’re looking for a new vacuum then I definitely recommend the Shark Rocket Powerhead. You will not be disappointed. It also cleans hard floors!

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You can pick this bad boy up on Amazon or visit their website to find out more.

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