Refresh Your Home With Renuzit Pearl Scents #DesignYourAir

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Refresh Your Home With Renuzit Pearl Scents #DesignYourAirWhen you work at home, your house can get a bit… cluttered. I mean, we are living and working out of the same rooms. Things can get a little crazy at times. This is what mixing business and pleasure can be a heck of a mess. I will have notes everywhere while I am eating my dinner, blogging, and watching TV. With that said, I have really been in need of a nice day of Spring Cleaning. I decided to give my dining room (also known as my “office and sanctuary”) a bit of a makeover inspired by a new air freshener

Since my dining room is where I like to retreat for my blogging or for some quiet, I decided that it needed a little something extra. I didn’t give the room a full makeover, but I did spruce it up a lot. I dedicate some time to decluttering it, organizing the workspace, and of course, doing some spring cleaning. Every time I clean a room in my house, I add some sort of odor neutralizer. I need something that is long-lasting and that is very noticeable when you walk into the room! The Renuzit Pearl Scents did just the trick!

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First of all, the Pearl Scents look beautiful in our Dining Room. The Sparkling Rain scent comes with green packaging and green pearls. The lid has a beautiful floral design that really blends into my colorful room very well. What I love about this is that all you have to do is peel off the seal, pop the lid back on, and set it in your desired area! That’s it! I’ve used mine for well over a week now and the scent has not dulled at all. It still smells as lovely and powerful as it did when I first peeled off the lid. You don’t have to plug it in, burn it, spray it, or anything else that you do with other fresheners. It just sits there and does all the work for you. 

I received a beautiful new Rustic Tray from Dot & Bo that I knew would match well with my dining room. After cleaning my space, I placed the tray on my table. Inside the tray I added my work-at-home essentials: my notebook, my pretty drink coasters, a light blanket, hand sanitizer, and my Renuzit Pearl Scents. This not only looks BEAUTIFUL on my dining room table, it’s perfect for me to travel room to room in. Sometimes I want to work in another room and I, of course, want to bring the fresh Sparkling Rain scent with me! I mean, wouldn’t you?

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  1. I’m really looking forward to trying the scent Seductive Pineapple. With a pineapple, coconut and vanilla combination it sounds wonderful!

  2. I love their cones but find myself complaining because they dry up so quickly. Do these seem to retain their moisture for a longer period of time. My fear the product won’t last long enough is the only reason I have not tried these!

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