Reduce Growler – Made For Beer, But So Much More

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Have you ever been to an outdoor event and ran out of your favorite beverages? Maybe you had enough, but they were hot by the end of the night. Even worse, you put them in a container that didn’t seal properly and your soda or beer ended up flat! Yuck! I am sure you all have your own horror stories. We live and we learn (most of us need to learn the hard way). Well my pretties, you no longer have to worry about any of these fails. You can go camping, to a music festival, tailgating, or to whatever event that you desire with the Reduce Growler. 

Reduce Growler

The Reduce Growler is a 64 oz vacuum sealed container that will protect your beverages properly. The growler is huge! It will hold enough beer (or beverage of your choice) to last you the entire day or for you to share with friends. What’s awesome about this is that the stainless steels blocks UV Rays, which means your drink will not get hot in the sun! The material also protects against your beer tasting like the container. Basically, your beer will taste like beer- yum! haha. The double lid opening is great for so many reasons: it’s vacuum sealed, holds carbonation, and it’s leak proof. 

I love the Reduce Growler for so many reasons. It’s the perfect addition to your favorite outdoor events. Whether you are drinking beer, soda, or water, this 64oz container will protect it, keeping it as fresh as when you poured it! 

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