Red Brick Candle Loft No 1 Collection Vanilla Maple Review

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I am a candle hoarder. I have said it before, but I will say it again. I have a closet just for my candles. That’s how serious my candle addiction is. I guess I can’t really say that I am a candle hoarder because I do use all of my candles. I burn candles every day and usually 2 at a time. There is something so tranquil about relaxing in my nice clean house, with my legs propped up on the couch, while reading a book. For this scene to be comfortable and relaxing though, I need a long lasting candle with a scent that fills my house. I know the difference between a good candle and a great candle and well, this new candle is pretty fantastic.

Red Brick Candle Loft No. 1 Candle Vanilla Maple

The Vanilla Maple 10.9 oz candle from Red Brick Candle has an incredibly unique smell. The rich blend of maple and vanilla really fills your home. I love the throw on this candle. We have a decent size house and you can smell the candle in every room. My boyfriend and I even noticed that the house still smells like Vanilla Maple a day later. Obviously, that is impressive! This is a perfect scent for enjoying a day at home. It leaves your home smelling comforting and delicious. This soy candle burns for a very long time! I burn mine longer than the recommended time, but I can say that I have burned mine for a good 45-50 hours and there is still 1/4 of the candle left. I am going to be sad when it’s all burned out, but I will be reusing the candle’s jar. It comes in a nice glass jar that can be cleaned and resused for my makeup organization. Oh, and the candle comes in a beautiful box so it would make a great gift!

I highly recommend purchasing a Red Brick Candle from the Loft No 1 Collection. I haven’t tried the other 2 scents, but if they smell nearly as good as this one, then I’d recommend any of them.

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