Red Apple Lipstick Review

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About Product: Red Apple Lipstick Review

  • Full Name of Product: Red Apple Lipstick
  • Type of Product: Cranberry Magic Lip Stick and Lip Exfoliate
  • Uses: The lip exfoliate takes off all of the dead skin from yours lips and the lip stick makes them beautiful!

My Full Impression: I really believe in this company. It is nice to find a company that practices cruelty free product testing. These product are cruelty free, glutton free, and SAFE to use. They have great customer service, as well as great products. The lipsticks are very beautiful and pigmented. They go on smooth and they last for hours. The lip exfoliate stick is so unique and works so well. My lips are dry every day. It is a relief to have something that I can smooth on easily before I apply my lipstick.

  • Using My Senses:

o   Sight – The Cranberry Magic Lipstick is beautiful. It goes on smooth and does not wipe off easily. It lasts long and will definitely get you some compliments! Just by looking at the exfoliate stick you can tell that it will work well. You can see the exfoliating beads in it and it makes you want to apply it every day.

o   Feel- The lipstick feels smooth on. It comes in a nice, high quality, heavy container. The exfoliating stick has beads in it, so you can feel it exfoliating as you are smoothing it onto your lips. After you wipe it off your lips will be left feeling smooth and soft!

  • 1-5 Star Rating: ★★★★★

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Why should you purchase this product? You should purchase Red Apple Lipstick products because they are high quality and SAFE!

  • Price: Prices Vary
  • Would I purchase this product? Oh yes, I definitely would purchase this for a friend. I want to try out more colors!
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