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I love trying new recipes. I am always searching for something new and different to cook with. A lot of times I find an amazing recipe, only to realize that I am missing one ingredient- Culinary Alcohol! The problem is that most grocery stores do not have culinary alcohol. In fact, I have never seen any in stores. Yes, you can use the real thing, but traditioners liquors are not made for cooking; they are made for drinking! Why not use a liquor that was specifically formulated for chefs? Why not use a product that was tested and approved by REAL chefs? I think every cook and every foodie would happily accept a chance to use REAL Culinary Alcohol!

Rave Reviews created, tested, and tasted over and over again until they received Rave Reviews from chefs! That’s how they got the name! All of their liquors have a very smooth taste. They created the most commonly used culinary liquors:

  • Bourbon: Slight Smokiness with a smooth vanilla finish.
  • Rum: Hint of sweetness!
  • Brandy: A dash of oak and hint of orange zest!
  • Hops: Beer taste!

Each one has a variety of ingredients that create the perfect Culinary blends! The bottles are thoughtfully designed and very stylish! Just for an extra touch, their website has a variety of recipes you can use these with. Rave Reviews’ Alcohol Spirits are chef tested and foodie approved! They are affordable and the perfect gift for any professional or home chef!

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  1. I love to try different spices when cooking and this Rave Culinary Liquor- Brandy, Rum, Hops, and Bourbon sounds amazing. I will sure try it. Thanks

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