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pulse LED speakers

It’s that time again. The beginning of the school year is right around the corner. You are planning, shopping, and scrambling to take care of things as soon as possible. I know how difficult it can be for parents, children, and even college students. Then school finally begins…

Morning are so hectic, rushing the kids to get ready for school, cooking breakfast, trying to pump the kids up and get them ready for the day. Anything that will stimulate the mind before school or work is a perfect way to start the day. What about music? Music is a fun and relaxing way to get everyone in a great mood first thing in the morning! Being in the music industry, I know how important of an impact music can make on our daily moods. Why not begin every morning, at home with music?

I discovered a company that offers and easy and creative way to listen to music at home in the morning. Pulse by Sengled is a set of Bluetooth wireless LED light bulb speakers that can be easily screwed into any regular socket. These lights/speakers are perfect for busy mornings! With a few taps on your phone you can brighten the room and begin your day with the music of your choice!  These are great for mornings with the kids or for college students. They can easily be transferred to different rooms of the house. No installation is required!

These bulbs can be fully controlled by your smart phone. You can control volume, brightness, and music from your phone! Pulse by Sengled LED Speakers are compatible with almost any music app that your smartphone has. I tested it with my phones standard music player, I Heart Radio App, Pandora App, iTunes Radio, and Spotify. The speakers worked with all of these apps!  The volume can be very quiet or can be blasted! You can dull the lights or brighten the room.


We love using our LED Speakers while cooking! We just play our music and the entire kitchen is full of bright lights and a great sound. These would be perfect to keep in a lamp in your office. You can use the light as needed and listen to a little bit of music.

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(Even without the App, you can use the Bluetooth functionality. Say, if a friend comes over and wants to control the music, but doesn’t have the app!)


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    1. I am sure he would love them! These are great! I wish we had them for the entire house!

  1. So could use for Our Entertaining Room!! We just bought a Stereo System & it has Bluetooth connectivity, instead of hooking up the speakers ( we hate wires) we can use these GREAT LED Speakers instead!!! Whoever made this ingenious idea needs a BIG H-U-G & a Thank You!!! LOL =)

    1. I know it is so nice!! It would be great to have a few sets around the house! I love these!

  2. These would be perfect in the entertainment part of our living room! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. My eldest son likes to complete his homework and study to music.. He’s sucha GREAT KID.. these speakers would help MAKE LEARNING FUN!

  4. I would love to use these speakers in my bedroom -for when the day is over and the kids are asleep.. I can CHILL!

  5. These would be a great housewarming gift for my son’s new home! I can’t offer him much other than love and encouragement, but these would be awesome!

  6. I would love to win this for my daughter’s room. SHe loves music and is always listening to music and singing. Thanks!

  7. Hah! One of my first thoughts was that I could put these in the kids rooms and turn out the lights at bedtime. (But mom one more minute!) That would be an excellent way to use them to get back into routine for school. 😀

  8. I currently don’t have speakers with the oldie desktop computer I still use and NEED some badly

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