Protect Your Money While On-The-Go

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Money Belt 3 This post contains affiliate links

I bet that the majority of you don’t worry about your information being stolen while you’re on-the-go. I am sure that you think if you keep your purse or wallet by your side at all times that you will be perfectly fine. That isn’t necessarily the case. Did you know that your credit card information can be stolen without your credit card being taken out of your wallet? That’s right. Criminals have created devices that can take your information just by walking by you. How scary is that? This is especially scary when you’re on the go. Let’s say you’re on vacation and your credit card is stolen. If that’s your only form of payment, what will you do? Luckily there are ways of protecting our information to avoid mishaps like that. 

Money Belt 2

The ImiKas Travel Wallet Money Belt has inconspicuous, hidden RFID protection inside of it! This means that you can keep all of your important information in this money belt without concern. I like that the belt has two pockets, so you can keep your items separated. I love the idea of using this while I am on vacation, as I’d rather not carry a purse (or risk my information being stolen). The size of this money belt is really great too. It’s large enough to carry your cellphone, passport, money, and more. It isn’t bulky at all, so it actually isn’t too bad. It looks nothing like a fanny pack, so don’t be concerned about ruining your look haha. The color is perfect to go with any outfit! It’s a very light grey and the material is beautiful. Because of the size, you can wear it under your shirt should you choose to do so!  It’s very light weight and waterproof! From what I see, it’s quite durable too. 

Money Belt

I am quite impressed with this money belt. It’s much nicer than the ones that I’ve seen. I love that it’s adjustable too. I have comfort in knowing that I am traveling with something that is protecting my information. 

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