Pretties Gardening Series: Garden Tools and Decorations

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The Pretties Gardening Series Tools & Accessories

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

When you plant your first garden, like we have, you begin to realize that there is so much more to it than just planting it and walking away. It takes a lot of time, love, and dedication. Once your garden finally starts to grow you will feel so proud and excited. Next, you will want to pick up garden tools and accessories to decorate and maintain your garden.  Sometimes the right items are difficult to find. I hope that you will find this list helpful for your shopping needs! 

PRetties Gardening Series Ninja Gnome from Big Mouth Inc

Let’s start with decorating. I want my garden to be pretty and fun. Since it is still new we haven’t focused on decorating it as much as we have with maintaining and growing it. There are a variety of things that can spruce of the looks of your garden like stones, fences, gnomes, fountains, and much more. I have always loved Garden Gnomes because they are so cute, funny, and classic. When I seen BigMouth Inc Garden Gnomes I knew that I HAD to have one. They are HILARIOUS! There are so many funny ones to choose from. One of my personal favorites is the Ninja Gnome. He is so cute! He guards our cucumbers like a boss. 

PRetties Gardeniing Series Ninja Gnome from Big Mouth Inc

If you are wondering about the quality, they are very nice. They aren’t as heavy as maybe I would like, but they aren’t light and cheap either. You don’t have to worry about the paint chipping or them fading in the sun. We’ve had ours in the sun, in our garden, for a couple of weeks now and it looks just as vibrant as it did when we first received it. Even though it is not heavy, it still stands on its own. We’ve had a lot of wind and rain here in Florida and our lil guy has stood still! I want a collection of these. They are just so cool! 

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Pretties Gardening Series Gardening Gloves

For the first few months of our gardening, we didn’t use gloves. We didn’t have any and didn’t even know which ones to select. The gardening session would end with dirty hands, cuts, and horrible fingernails. I’ve wanted cute gardening gloves for awhile now, so when I seen this cute 3 pack of gloves I thought I’d give it a try. The set comes with 3 different colors and floral designs. It’s a breathable nylon, so your hands wont be sweaty and uncomfortable. 

Pretties Gardening Series Gardening Gloves.

I LOVE the way these gloves feel. I thought they would feel more like rubber, but they are very soft. They fit comfortably too. The nitrile coating protects you from cuts and scrapes, which is definitely a need when gardening. Also, the coating doesn’t absorb any moist dirt. After a full gardening session, my hands are still nice and clean. These are easy to clean too. Clean them by hand and hang them to dry and you’re good to go! They really are made for women’s hands too. They are thin and really a great fit. 

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Hand Trowel 

I love a good hand trowel. I’ve had the worst luck with these breaking before. When I received this one I was super excited about how durable it is. Whether we are digging through our soft soil or breaking through the rock dirt, this trowel gets the job done! The size is really perfect for our small garden. It’s not too big or too small. The handle is very comfortable too. I love that it has a hole to hang it too! This is definitely a gardening must have! 

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