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Pretties Fashion Finds Vol 1: Studded Pumps By Anne Michelle #Fashion #metrostyle

This post contains affiliate links.

This post contains affiliate links.

This is the first installation in my new “Pretties Fashion Finds” series. You can expect frequent posts about my favorite fashion finds – that I either model myself, find online, or see in stores. It will be a fun, new way to discover new things. Plus, it will be a fun way for you to create a Fashion wishlist. 

Studded pumps from metrostyle

Let me begin by saying that I’ve always wanted a pair of heels that made me feel sassy and sexy! These studded pumps By Anne Michelle are gorgeous! They come in a variety of colors. I had a hard time choosing between the hot red pair, leopard, and the black. Between you and I, I’d be happy to own them all. They are just so sexy. How could I resist? 

black Studded pumps from metrostyle

It’s the studs that attracted me to these. I’ve always been a gal with a little bit of edge. I will definitely blame it on being raised on Rock N Roll and rebellious parents. I think that I made these pumps look a lot more feminine than I could have. I was channeling my inner 90’s kid, with my shorts, crop top, and big crazy hair. I was feeling sassy and I blame the shoes. 

studded pumps

A beauty once said that “with the right pair of shoes, a girl can conquer the world.” Well, my pretties, these are those shoes. I’ll admit, when I first stepped into these, I almost fell face first onto the floor. I guess you could say that my eyes are braver than my feet, haha. I took them off and thought, “uh-oh. I made a mistake.” I decided to give them another try because they are way too sexy to hide in the closet. I am so happy that I did because with a little training, my feet got used to them. It’s not that these are uncomfortable. I just have very sensitive feet and little to no balance. The comfort of these is actually impressive. I don’t end the day with blisters all over my feet. The fit true-to-size and stay put when you walk. The material is beautiful and soft. I think it’s safe to say that I will be wearing these more often. 

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Edgy Look with Studded Pumps


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