Get the dirt on how I prepare for ‘April showers’ #SCJMessyMoments

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Have you started the dreadful task of spring cleaning? I’ve started, but it still feels like I haven’t made any sort of impact. The most frustrating part of tackling my spring cleaning is working with products that don’t actually… work. I’m sure that we’ve all been there before. You get sucked into an infomercial, spend more than you’d like to admit, and then end of with a product that doesn’t magically make the mess disappear. It’s embarrassing, discouraging, and frankly, a waste of time. 

Spray Scrubbing Bubbles for April Showers

Well, I’m not falling for it this year! This time around, I am using products that I know will get the job done! I don’t want you to go through the struggle again. Take it from a homebody like myself. I’m going to give you the dirt (pun intended) on what really gets rid of those oh-so-shameful messes! I’m preparing for my ‘April showers’ by making my bathrooms crystal clean with Scrubbing Bubbles® brand products. I have guests coming soon – goodbye procrastination and hello Spring!

Scrubbing Bubbles In-Store Photo

I knew what I was looking for when I visited my local Walmart. I’ve used Scrubbing Bubbles® brand products to tackle my bathroom for years. It’s the only product we use. We walked straight to the home cleaning aisle in Walmart and the Scrubbing Bubbles® brand products were sitting right there, calling my name. It’s pretty easy to find because of the bright green and blue colors. 

So, here’s the dirty truth – we only clean our showers a few times a year. We don’t have many guests visit, so we just get to it when we can. We typically wait until it’s a ridiculous task that we have to conquer. That’s basically what’s happening today. We waited too long and now we have quite a task on our hands. Below is my messy, embarrassing shower. Yes, I am hanging my head in shame. 

Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Wall Before Photo
Before picture

So, first, I sprayed Disinfectant Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Cleaner onto the area that I needed to clean. The first thing I always notice when using this is that it has a really nice smell. As you’ll see in the photos, it immediately began to foam. 

Scrubbing Bubbles with Bubbles Foaming on the wall
After spraying, but before wiping down

I let the spray sit for a few minutes because this area needed a pretty intense clean. Then, I took a wet washcloth and simply wiped it down.

Scrubbing Bubbles After Photo for April Showers
After wiping the wall down

The Disinfectant Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Cleaner really does all of the work for you. It scrubs, so you don’t have to. All you need to do is wipe it off of the area after it fights the soap scum and bacteria.

You don’t need to rinse it or dry it afterwards either. It’s literally as easy as that. This turned out to be an easier job than I remembered. Now our bathrooms are prepared for sparkling ‘April Showers’. Visit a Walmart near you to pick up the Disinfectant Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Cleaner and get your spring cleaning over with.  

What areas in your bathroom need the bacteria-fighting power of Scrubbing Bubbles® brand products ?Acorn Disclosure

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